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DONNELLY, Trisha: PORTER, Jenelle (ed.) DONNELLY, Trisha: PORTER, Jenelle (ed.) Trisha Donnelly ICA Philadelphia 2008 Artists' Books 30€ 30€
ELMS, Anthony (ed.) ELMS, Anthony (ed.) Endless Shout ICA Philadelphia / Inventory Press 2019 Exhibition Catalogues / Performance / Poetry 35€ 35€
KING, Daniella Rose (cur.) KING, Daniella Rose (cur.) The Last Place They Thought Of ICA Philadelphia 2018 Exhibition Catalogues / Black Studies / Feminism 20€ 20€
KNOWLES, Christopher; ALS, Hilton (ed.); ELMS, Anthony (ed.) KNOWLES, Christopher; ALS, Hilton (ed.); ELMS, Anthony (ed.) Christopher Knowles. In a Word Gregory R. Miller & Co. / ICA Philadelphia 2018 Monographs / Music & Sound / Performance 52€ 52€
McMILLIAN, Rodney; ELMS, Anthony (ed.); KEITH, Naima J. (ed.) McMILLIAN, Rodney; ELMS, Anthony (ed.); KEITH, Naima J. (ed.) Rodney McMillian ICA Philadelphia / The Studio Museum in Harlem 2016 Monographs / Black Studies 50€ 50€
MORTON, Ree; KRACZON, Kate (ed.) MORTON, Ree; KRACZON, Kate (ed.) The Plant That Heals May Also Poison ICA Philadelphia 2019 Monographs / Documents / Feminism 40€ 40€
ONLI, Meg (cur.) ONLI, Meg (cur.) Colored People Time ICA Philadelphia 2020 Exhibition Catalogues / Black Studies 40€ 40€
PORTER, Jenelle; SCHAFFNER, Ingrid (ed.) PORTER, Jenelle; SCHAFFNER, Ingrid (ed.) Dirt on Delight. Impulses That Form Clay ICA Philadelphia 2009 Exhibition Catalogues / Crafts / Material Culture 35€ 35€
PRYDE, Josephine PRYDE, Josephine lapses in Thinking By the person i Am Sternberg Press / ICA Philadelphia 2018 Monographs 26€ 26€
TYNG, Anne; SCHAFFNER, Ingrid (ed.) TYNG, Anne; SCHAFFNER, Ingrid (ed.) Anne Tyng. Inhabiting Geometry ICA Philadelphia 2011 Exhibition Catalogues / Architecture 20€ 20€