May 29 2018 06:30PM
An Evening with Ugly Duckling Presse

Started as a zine in the 90’s, Ugly Duckling Presse has become an essential press for contemporary literature and art. Working independently from Brooklyn, NY, UDP publishes poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction,…

ACKER, Kathy
New york city in 1979

A tale of art, sex, blood, junkies and whores in New York's underground, from cult literary icon Kathy Acker. [publisher's note]

BUTT, Gavin; ESHUN, kodwo; FISHER, Mark (eds.)
Post Punk then and now

What were the conditions of possibility for art and music-making before the era of neoliberal capitalism? What role did punk play in turning artists to experiment with popular music in the late 1970s and early 1980s? And…

Asleep in the afternoon

Asleep in the afternoon is the novel that the ‘hero’ (ironically conceived) of Sugar in the air then writes. The book has quite a complex structure: a novel about a device that can bring on sleep, the woman who…

The weird and the eerie

What exactly are the Weird and the Eerie? In this new book, Mark Fisher argues that some of the most haunting and anomalous fiction of the 20th century belongs to these two modes. The Weird and the Eerie


Imagine a type of writing so hard to define its very name means a trial, effort or attempt. An ancient form with an eye on the future, a genre poised between tradition and experiment. The essay wants above all to wander,…

The hatred of poetry

No art has been denounced as often as poetry. It’s even bemoaned by poets: ‘I, too, dislike it,’ wrote Marianne Moore. ‘Many more people agree they hate poetry,’ Ben Lerner writes, ‘than can agree what poetry is.…

TILLMANS, Wolfgang
What is different?

Né en 1968 en Allemagne, Wolfgang Tillmans vit et travaille à Londres. Il s'est rendu célèbre dès les années 1980 en investissant les sujets traditionnels de la photographie pour en renouveler l'approche et la perception,…

NASA Graphic design guide

Le classeur de la norme graphique de la NASA est un étrange fantôme. Cet outil visuel inédit dessiné et alimenté par Richard Danne et Bruce Blackburn à partir de 1975 fut délaissé en 1992 par l'agence aérospatiale américaine.…

Kippenberger sans peine

Deux conversations à bâtons rompus pour découvrir tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur Kippenberger sans pouvoir le lui demander : sa vie, son œuvre, ses scènes primitives, ses pères, ses amours, tout son Bildungsroman…

DROST, Julia ; FLAHUTEZ, Fabrice ; ALIX, Frédéric (eds.)
Le lettrisme et son temps

Le lettrisme et son temps est le premier travail collectif ayant pour ambition de mieux faire comprendre les enjeux historiques d'un mouvement qui se voulait d'avant-garde après 1945. L'ouvrage propose de raccrocher le…

Histoire du graphisme avant la modernité en trois temps cinq mouvements

Le graphiste, le designer graphique, le typographe semblent apparaître avec la notion toujours complexe de modernité, en tous cas avec le mouvement d’une industrialisation plus consciente d’elle-même. C’est ce que paraît…

Smile & Nod

The English definition of
Arabic was lost due to severe
Infrastructural damage & hundreds dead
On assignment from my mother
I learned Allah was just a word for god
The capital A was a silent woman’s…

Matt Mullican's Pure Projection Landscapes

Since the late 1970s, American artist Matt Mullican has developed a practice of performing under hypnosis that extends from his investigations into representation and subjective projection. The evolution of this body of…

DION, Mark; ARKESTEIJN, Roel (ed.)
The Incomplete Writings of Mark Dion. Selected Interviews, Fragments and Miscellany

Mark Dion is a prominent pioneer of environmental and ecological art. As a visual artist, he appropriates scientific methods of fieldwork, collecting, ordering, and exhibiting objects. He reflects on the visual representation…

CARPI DE RESMINI, Benedetta; KREIVYTE, Laima (eds.)
Magma. Body And Words In Italian And Lithuanian Women's Art From 1965 To The Present

This catalogue is published on the occasion of the second part of the exhibition curated by Benedetta Carpi de Resmini and Laima Kreivytė at the Istituto Centrale per la Grafica in Rome, expanded with a selection of more…

LANDWHER, Dominic (ed.)
Machines and Robots. Edition Digital Culture 5

Machines, automats and robots have always exerted a special fascination on artists. But computers, the Internet and digitization have given this fascination entirely new impulses. Today artificial intelligence and robotics…

EGGERER, Thomas; KLEIN, Jochen
The English Garden in Munich

Thomas Eggerer and Jochen Klein initially started their collaboration by co-authoring texts for the catalog of Die Utopie des Designs, a show at the Kunstverein Munich, Germany, curated by Helmut Draxler in 1994. They…

CHABERT, Garance ; MOLE, Aurélien (eds.)
Les Artistes iconographes / Artists as Iconographers

Les artistes iconographes nourrissent leur démarche depuis plus d’un siècle de la diversité des images produites par d’autres et diffusées industriellement dans la société. Du collage au Post-Internet, de l’installation…


In opposition to the arbitrary, which is the origin of every written and spoken language, I have placed the unspoken, the mystic. From despair to ecstasy, that is what the mystic is about now. This is the all-devouring…

ESTRELA, Alexandre; HARRISON, Scott (eds.)

A collection of black and white visual works, essentially drawings, gathered by US tattoo artist Scott M. Harrison, and Portuguese artist Alexandre Estrela. The book mixes works by contemporary artists such as Marcel Dzama,…

HOLDER, Will (ed.)
F.R.David (N) Spring 2018 – ‘Flurry’

“I realized very slowly over a period of time that the activity of framing a performance and the intentions that accumulate around that activity produce a certain anxious kind of mode, and I became bothered by the flurry…

PAS, Johan
Artists’ Publications: The Belgian Contribution

An impressive volume, completely dedicated to the production of books, periodicals, zines, and other objects with pages in the Belgian context, from the late 19th century up to now. ‘Belgian contributions’ means here the…

LAX, Robert
33 Poems

"I found work at last: watch-maker's assistant. Clock-maker's, rather. I brought him the sand. He fashioned the globes & measured the hours. I brought him miniscule white cups of coffee too: not every hour, by any stretch,…

FISCHLI, Fischli; OLSEN, Niels

In 2016, Heimo Zobernig was commissioned by the LUMA Foundation to create a new café for the LUMA Westbau in the Löwenbräu arts complex in Zurich. Zobernig’s schwarzescafé is a multi-functional, architectural intervention,…

Mono Kultur (ed.)
Mono Kultur #44 Trevor Paglen

As you are reading this, there is a satellite in space quietly circling Earth.

CROWE, Michael; SUTCLIFFE, Jamie
An attempt at exhausting a place in GTA Online

The book takes George Perec's serene 1975 conceptual exercise in Paris as its starting point, reenacting it within the chaotic and excessive virtual world of Grand Theft Auto Online. Giddy murder, Fassbinder lookalike…

KLUGE, Alexander
Idéologies : des nouvelles de l'Antiquité

128 pages d’entretiens, d’images, d’histoires et de « cartons » (comme dans le cinéma muet) extraits du film du réalisateur Alexander Kluge « Nachrichten aus der ideologischen Antike » (littéralement : « Nouvelles de l’Antiquité…

GRITZ, Anna (ed.)
Judith Hopf. A Reader

I think it can only be because of memory-of-knowing-how that we made it through the grey days in cities in general–and through the greyness of Berlin in particular–that we made it through again and again. Because the streets…

Craig Owens: Portrait of a Young Critic

At once personal, political, and forward-thinking, Owens recounts his experiences with Rosalind Krauss and the founding of the journal October, the Pictures generation of artists and critics, and his evolving understanding…

Garments Against Women

A book of mostly lyric prose about the conditions that make literature almost impossible. It holds a life story without a life, a lie spread across low-rent apartment complexes, dreamscapes, and information networks, tangled…

Frozen Tears III

Staged as an expanded artwork FROZEN TEARS (since 2003) is a MULTI-PART, MULTI-VENUE project built around the production of three 800+ page books each containing THEORY/HORROR texts and images from a range of CELEBRATED…

Undermining. A Wild Ride Through Land Use, Politics, and Art in the Changing West

Working from her own lived experience in a New Mexico village and inspired by gravel pits in the landscape, Lippard weaves a number of fascinating themes—among them fracking, mining, land art, adobe buildings, ruins, Indian…

WELCH, Denton
A Voice Through A Cloud

"As I searched the unpromising window, I was not aware of an aproaching figure until he stood almost beside me. I turned, then, to see a tall young man looking at me earnestly. Perhaps the strangest thing about him was…

The Cosmopolitans

A modern retelling of Balzac's classic Cousin Bette by one of America's most prolific and significant writers. Earl, a black, gay actor working in a meatpacking plant, and Bette, a white secretary, have lived next door…

Art, Mystery

Wow WOw WOW Mayo ! In Art, Mystery, a controversial former footballer, now export agent specialising in chrome, accepts an unusual commission from an odd source, the very man who brought him down, a former football referee…

ANDERSEN, Ronja; RIMKUS, Nerijus; KOPSA, Maxine (eds.)
Reader, aantekeningen exemplaar

As part of Speelplaats, a parallel program of Werkplaats Typografie, participants challenged what was being offered in the school’s curriculum by introducing improvements or suggesting alternatives. Reader, aantekeningen…

Keep Walking Intently. The Ambulatory Art of the Surrealists, the Situationist International, and Fluxus

Walking, that most basic of human actions, was transformed in the twentieth century by Surrealism, the Situationist International, and Fluxus into a tactic for revolutionizing everyday life. Each group chose locations…

SHAW, Jon K; REEVES-EVISON, Theo (eds.)
Fiction as Method

See the world through the eyes of a search engine, if only for a millisecond; throw the workings of power into sharper relief by any media necessary; reveal access points to other worlds within our own. In the anthology…

DE SIMONE, Cristina
Proféractions ! Poésie en action à Paris (1946-1969)

Une histoire de la poésie-performance à Paris, de l'après-guerre à Mai 68.
À partir de l'observation des manifestations publiques d'Antonin Artaud en 1946-1947, de l'irruption en ces mêmes années du mouvement lettriste…

IBM Graphic Design Guide from 1969 to 1987

Facsimile reprinting of Paul Rand's graphics standards manuals for the redesign of the visual identity of the multinational technology company IBM from 1962 to 1987. The project is being undertaken with the approval of…

ROWE, Peter G.
Design Thinking in the Digital Age

In 1987, Peter G. Rowe published his pioneering book Design Thinking. In it, he interrogated conceptual approaches to design in terms of both process and form. Thirty years later, in a lecture at the Harvard University…


Strange how many déjà vus you have here. 

How might we conceive of comradeship with a present that is increasingly predetermined by algorithms and governed by techno-politics? Armen Avanessian chronicles…

In relation to a Spectator:

A compendium of essays, scripts, poems, and proposals by various artists, in relation to a Spectator: was compiled by Studio for Propositional Cinema for their eponymous exhibition at the Kestner Gesellschaft…

MYLES, Eileen
I Must Be Living Twice. New and Selected Poems 1975 - 2014

 [...] At the font of your resolution to stuff a rug in a bag
make too late dinners for no one
in the weakness & the wentness
I have been holding you
in the gentle tomboy's tears
zipping sounds,…

LOTRINGER, Sylvère (ed.)
Semiotext(e) Journal: Autonomia

"Most of the writers who contributed to the issue were locked up at the time in Italian jails. . . . I was trying to draw the attention of the American Left, which still believed in Eurocommunism, to the fate of Autonomia.…

Corporate Imaginations. Fluxus Strategies for Living

The first extended study of the renowned artists’ collective Fluxus, Corporate Imaginations examines the group as it emerged on three continents from 1962 to 1978 in its complexities, contradictions, and historical specificity.…

HAWKINS, Richard
SECRET PASSAGE #ONE: some v. signfi. details

Issue 1! Photos of large collage paintings from 2017. Project is still underway so these paintings have never been exhibited. See generous preview below. I suggest the magazine version but - hey - it's up to you. Sorry…

HAWKINS, Richard
Hotel Suicide

Publication accompanying the exhibition of the same name at Greene Naftali Gallery in New York.

In the mid- and late-aughts, Los Angeles-based artist Richard Hawkins created a series of paintings that combined…

CLEMOES, Charlie; LEE Jungmyung
Real-Time Realist

This issue of Real-Time Realist explores amazement, distraction, surprise and awe (the blue sector of Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions) with contributions from invited artists distilling the aforementioned emotions.…

TRASOV, Vincent
The Alphabet Book

In 1971, Michael Morris and Vincent Tarsov, founders of the Vancouver based artist network, Image Bank, invited Eric Metcalfe, Gary Lee Nova, Glenn Lewis and Paul Oberst to create their own, unique alphabet. Now, 40 years…