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April 20 2024 07:00PM
Journal Municipal

Je suis presque toute enragée.

Une soirée de découverte de M qui se balade, s'attriste, s'amuse, s'énerve et sévit dans la ville de B, en banlieue parisienne.

Lancement du livre Journal…

KASPAR, Tobias
New Address II. Stereotypical Artist

What is an artists’ life made of? From the home to the studio, from the studio to the gallery, from one exhibition to the next, from one place to another – a suite of moves and a list of addresses. Tobias Kaspar’s work…

HOY, Estelle
saké blue. Selected Writings

Can critical thinking spring from both a fortune cookie and Jacques Lacan’s most obscure seminar footnote? Estelle Hoy says yes. In saké blue, overpriced cheesecakes are the starting point for an essay on art writing;…

Dispersed Events. Selected Writings

Dispersed Events brings together for the first time Nick Mauss’ essays from the last fifteen years. Shimmering with the urgency of a new generation of queer thinkers, Mauss’ writing refracts contemporary art through…

PURGAS, Paul (ed.)
Subcontinental Synthesis

Subcontinental Synthesis explores the history of India’s first electronic music studio, founded in 1969 at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad with the support of the composer David Tudor. The essays…

DENNY, Simon

This volume surveys Simon Denny's Metaverse Landscapes, his recent painting series that depict land plots in digital worlds. They unpack historical resonances between territory, abstraction and financialization…

BERLANDA, Tomà: HO-TONG, Meghan; KHALIFEH, Marah; LAÏDI-HANIEH, Adila (eds.)
Landwalks: Across Palestine and South Africa

Landwalks: Across Palestine and South Africa explores embodied ways of knowing land and the reclamation of the collective landscape of Palestine and South Africa. The objective of this cross-cultural publication…

La Part Affective

Une chronique des transformations récentes des écoles d'art, depuis le point de vue d'une enseignante et à l'intention de ses pair·es et des étudiant·es, à un moment où ces espaces sont à la fois menacés par des gestions…

BAKST, Léon; BERNASCONI, Célia (ed.); BOWLT, John E. (ed.); MAUSS, Nick (ed.)
Designing Dreams: A Celebration of Léon Bakst [2nd edition]

Oh la la so nice a new printing of this most beautiful and insightful monography on the magical work of artist, stage and costume designer Léon Bakst, who worked on many seminal mises-en scène of the Ballets Russes in…

Stubble Archipelago

This book of thirty-six poetic bulletins by the humiliation-advice-giver Wayne Koestenbaum will teach you how to cruise, how to dream, how to decode a crowded consciousness, how to find nuggets of satisfaction in unaccustomed…

ALS, Hilton (ed.)
God Made My Face: A Collective Portrait of James Baldwin

When James Baldwin died in 1987 at the age of sixty-three, he left behind an extraordinary body of work. Novels, poems, film scripts, and, perhaps most indelibly, essays constituted the great artist’s writing, which was…

The Complete Commercial Artist: Making Modern Design in Japan, 1928–1930

In the boom years of the 1920s, Japanese designers developed a radical new vision for their profession. Engaging modernist and avant-garde trends from abroad, refashioning local graphic and calligraphic forms, and using…

MYLES, Eileen
Bread and Water

First published by Hanuman Books in 1986, Bread and Water is the debut short story collection by the renowned poet Eileen Myles, assembling six stories with an autobiographical flavor, of being a queer, working-class…

Garden of Ashes

Garden of Ashes, Cookie Mueller's second entry into the Hanuman Books canon (following 1988's Fan Mail, Frank Letters, and Crank Calls) brings together ten stories, autobiographical accounts of her ascent…

Défaites vos jeux

Quel héritage les Jeux olympiques et paralympiques de Paris 2024 vont-ils laisser ? Au-delà de la compétition sportive, un grand spectacle commercial s’organise. En Seine-Saint-Denis, où se concentre la construction d’infrastructures…

zwer, etaïnn
Bleu nuit, blouson rose

tout corps assigné prend feu,
un feu qui n’a rien de la tendresse
dans un pays qui n’a rien de
baisable, moi je veux brûle
d’un soleil intérieur, je veux me

BERGER, Otti; Raum, Judith; Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin (eds.)
Weaving for Modernist Architecture

Otti Berger!! She created fabrics that fundamentally changed the understanding of what textiles could be and do. A core member of the experimental approach to textiles at the Bauhaus, she was also a female entrepreneur…

ALVARADO, Luis; CÀRDENAS, Alejandra (eds.)
Switched On: The Dawn of Electronic Sound by Latin American Women

The official history of 20th-century avant-garde electronic music has been predominantly narrated from the point of view of Anglo-American and Western European experiences and largely remained focused on its male protagonists.…

PASQUIER, Andrew; VAN BENNEKOM, Jop; JONKERS, Gert; FELDMANN, Nathaniel (eds.)
BUTT #34

From ass to architecture to ass architecture, this full-frontal issue of BUTT has plenty of queer ringleaders, free speech and cock. Yes, please.

BUTT no. 34 is made with the work, ideas and support of:…

Brigade Cynophile 2019-2023

Le premier tome de Brigade Cynophile paraît en 2019, à l'époque je vis et travaille à Lyon, j'ai un pied dans la musique, un autre dans le graphisme, et je sors plus d'une affiche par semaine.

Feminine Hijinx

Already a member of The Feminist Writers’ Guild and one of the principle founders/proponents of the New Narrative movement, Dodie Bellamy published her first book with Hanuman Books in 1991. Feminine Hijinks brings…

Le caché, l'invisibilisé

Le caché, l'invisibilisé, de Sofía Quintero Hernández Sofía traduit est une prise de parole de Julieta Paredes à la VIlème rencontre féministe d'Amerique Latine et des Caraibes (Chili, 1996), elle nous parle de…

BURN, Ian; STEPHEN, Ann (ed.)
Collected Writings 1966-1993

Ian Burn has been described as many things: an activist, a trade-unionist, a journalist, an art critic, a curator and an art historian—and, as he once described himself in a moment of self-deprecating alienation, ‘an exConceptual…

Manuel rabat-joie féministe

Tes collègues lèvent les yeux au ciel en réunion dès que tu dis "sexisme" ou "racisme" ? Les blagues offensantes ne te font pas rire ? On te dit que tu es injuste quand tu signales une injustice ? L'atmosphère se tend…

Journal Municipal

Journal municipal traverse les différents états émotionnels de M dans la ville de B, du périphérique jusqu'à l'A86.
Il décrit une succession de rituels quotidiens qui mêlent le charme et l'ennui, le désir…

RADIGUE, Eliane; ECKHARDT, Julia (ed.)
Eliane Radigue. Espaces intermédiaires/Intermediary Spaces [nouvelle édition]

Nouvelle édition augmentée • Expanded edition!

Ouvrage essentiel sur la compositrice Éliane Radigue, pionnière de la musique éléctroacoustique. Dans la longue interview qui forme le corps de cette publication,…

vandalisme queer

La philosophe Sara Ahmed se présente parfois comme « une rabat-joie féministe, une alienne affective, une femme queer racisée en colère ». Depuis plus de dix ans, elle tient un blog, feministkilljoys.com, où elle publie…

SYMS, Martine
She Mad

Works by Martine Syms explore how mass media shapes and frames identities and cultures. Drawing from early cinema, television, the internet, social media, and ambient footage produced by phones and surveillance, Syms addresses…


Recently dumped and stuck with the mortgage, artist Esther Ray wants to burn the world, but instead, she reluctantly accepts a scrapbooking job from the deliriously wealthy Naomi Duncan. The scrapbooks, a secret birthday…

VON OSTEN, Marion; LABOR K300 (Peter Spillmann, Sabeth Buchmann, Susanne Leeb) (ed.)
In the Making “In the Desert of Modernity: Colonial Planning and After.” Traversing a Project Exhibition

A book about the working method of the artist and exhibition maker Marion von Osten (1963-2020). Through the genesis of one of her major exhibitions, In the Desert of Modernity: Colonial Planning and After, and…

IANNONE, Dorothy
(Ta)Rot Pack

This series of 27 double-sided cards depicts the life of Dieter Roth, Dorothy Iannone’s beloved and muse, in the early period of their relationship. During 1968–69, Iannone worked on the cards while they were living in…

GONZALEZ-FOERSTER, Dominique; ADJIL, Claude (ed.); STUMPF, Liz (ed.)
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster: Alienarium 5

A celebration of Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s 2022 exhibition Alienarium 5 at Serpentine South, this book – in the form of an album – proposes a journey through this multisensory environment, made up of visions,…

NEAL, Larry; BISWAS, Allie (ed.)
Any Day Now: Toward a Black Aesthetic

“The Black Arts Movement is radically opposed to any concept of the artist that alienates him from his community. Black Art is the aesthetic and spiritual sister of the Black Power concept. As such, it envisions an art…

PARRENO, Philippe
Voices. A Collection of Spoken Works

To endow an object with a voice is to bestow upon it subjectivity, whether that object is a stone, a forgotten fictional character, a group of children, or spirits. To vocalize something we witness is to recognize…

MAYER, Bernadette

*BACK IN STOCK* In July 1971, Bernadette Mayer embarked on an experiment: For one month she exposed a roll of 35mm film and kept a daily journal. The result was a conceptual work that investigates the nature of memory,…

LEBRUN, Jeanne
IDOINE - Jeanne Lebrun
Il arrive qu'une corneille ou un corbeau, pour casser une noix, se poste à un feu rouge, la dépose sur la route, et attende qu'une fois le feu passé au vert, les voitures aient roulé sur la noix, laissant à découvert…
KURG, Andres; LAANEMETS, Kurg (eds.)
Forecast and Fantasy: Architecture without Borders, 1960s–1980s

Forecast and Fantasy stages a meeting point for scientific predictions and futuristic fantasies that were manifested in architecture and art from the 1960s to the 1980s. The works gathered here emerged from the…

Selected Non-Fiction 1962–2007

The main “fact” of the 20th century is the concept of the unlimited future. This predicate of science and technology enshrines the notion of a moratorium on the past, on the one hand, and on the other the limitless…

KARAM, Balsam
The Singularity

In an unnamed coastal city home to many refugees, a mother of a displaced family searches for her child, calling her name as she wanders along the cliffside road where her daughter used to work. She searches and searches…

ALLISON, Dorothy
Les Femmes qui me détestent

Qu’elle traite de son enfance tiraillée entre brutalité et amour ou de sa sexualité lesbienne hors-la-loi, la poésie insolente, touchante, cinglante et licencieuse de Dorothy Allison vise juste : elle dit ce qu’elle pense…

LABROSSE, Apolline; LABROSSE, Clémentine
Abécédaire d’auto-édtion féministe

Combien rêvent de créer leur propre magazine ? Comment s’y prendre ? Pensé comme un guide, ce livre rassemble des outils, techniques, ressources, conseils et idées pour qui voudrait se lancer dans l’auto-édition ou l’édition.…

Je suis Jessica, dis-je | I say, I am Jessica

Les poèmes qui composent ce livre forment un portrait prismatique qui renvoie vers l’extérieur un faisceau d’apparences, les traits d’un visage changeant, saisis dans une forme d’écriture brève et instantanée.


GAMPER, Martino
à table

“It is a manual, which shows the details of my tables. I hope that sharing the shapes and material development of this body of work can help other makers invent their own creations.”
—Martino Gamper


PARSONS, Joanne Ella (ed.)
Doomed Romances. Strange Tales of Uncanny Love

“Love will have its sacrifices. No sacrifice without blood. Let us go to sleep now.”

A prophecy threatens a volcanic upheaval for a star-crossed pair. A forbidden rite binds a dark arts dabbler to a phantom bride.…

WEKUA, Andro

SO SPECIAL! Fieber is an artist’s book that came together in the aftermath of a year-long research into the daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly newspapers distributed in Georgia. The publications kept accumulating…

SANDRI, Giovanna
Capitolo Zero

Originally published by Lerici Editore, Rome, in 1969, Capitolo Zero is Giovanna Sandri’s first book-length work: an experiment in new reading operations, composed with dry-transfer lettering instead of a typewriter,…

DELISS, Clémentine
Skin in the Game. Conversations on Risk and Contention

In this new book, Clémentine Deliss expands on how artists understand risk and contention both in their work and with regard to historical collections. Through a series of compelling conversations, questions are raised…

MALLETT, Whitney (ed.)
The Whitney Review of New Writing #2 Fall

Issue 002 collects literary interviews, essays, reviews, and poetry featuring the sharpest contemporary voices. With contributions from McKenzie Wark, Natasha…

Time Tells

Time Tells is a grand study of time, technology, performance, the attention economy, and comedy. Using the cinematic time-jump, "a numerical shorthand for a fated intermission," to weave a narrative of chronopolitics,…

WONG, Martin
Footprints, Poems and Leaves

Self-published in 1968, Footprints, Poems, and Leaves collects dozens of poems written by Martin Wong between 1966 and 1968. Hand-written in a signature calligraphic style that he was just beginning to develop,…

SULLIVAN, Megan Francis
Oral History of Exhibitions 2013–2019

Of course there is the practice of art by the artist, but an exhibition is even more so an engagement between people, places, institutions, projections, desires, coincidences, memories, and temporalities. In this monograph,…

SHAW, Lytle
The Mollino Set

Who is Carlo Mollino? In 1933, he is a twenty-eight-year-old architect who has just received a commission from Mussolini’s regime for his first building: an administrative center for a provincial agricultural federation…

FLUXUS (ed.)
The Fluxus Newspaper

The Fluxus Newspaper collects all eleven newspapers published by the Fluxus art collective between January 1964 and March 1979. The newspapers were edited by an ever-changing team of…

OLSON, Charles
Appelez-moi Ismaël

Appelez-moi Ismaël, premier livre publié par Charles Olson en 1947, est également une œuvre maîtresse des études melvilliennes, dont Olson fut l’un des pionniers. Il s’intéressa à l’auteur de Moby Dick alors…

Women Artists Together

Women Artists Together is a thought-provoking study of how the women’s liberation movement galvanized a generation of women artists. It offers a fresh perspective on the history of the women’s art movement and…

Show Me The World Mister

Show Me The World Mister is Ayo Akingbade’s first publication, developing work from her touring exhibition of the same name. Centring two films, The Fist and Faluyi, shot…

MAHJOOB, Mozhgan
Under the Sky Beneath the Moon

Darya, an educated young woman in Kabul, navigates her way through the male-dominated demands of work in a corporate sales office when her comfort and confidence are shattered by a series of encounters with strangers—not…

Enculé ! Politiques anales

Ce livre propose une exploration politique, queer et féministe de nos anus, en mêlant théorie et poésie, enquêtes et humour. Les auteurs retracent l'histoire longue des stigmates et des silences liés aux sexualités anales,…

WANG, Jackie
Alien Daughters Walk into the Sun

¨¨ BACK IN STOCK ¨¨ Compiled as a field guide, travelogue, essay collection, and weather report, Alien Daughters Walk into the Sun traces Jackie Wang’s trajectory from hard femme to Harvard, from dumpster dives…

Notes on Book Design

“Choosing a different book as the subject for each text, our main focus…

The Voice that Remains

The Voice that Remains is a kind of retrospective; a looking back at material, digital and archival traces left behind within the physical and situated space of PUBLICS, and in the bodies, voices and memories…

Sans valeur

Triant laborieusement, j’ai passé plusieurs mois à discriminer ce qui a de la valeur et ce qui ne vaut rien. D’un côté ce qui est destiné au paradis des archives ; de l’autre ce qui est voué à disparaître dans le néant…

Le Monde en situation – La révolte sensible de l’Internationale situationniste
Ce livre propose une étude historique approfondie du projet artistique et politique de l’Internationale situationniste (IS). Durant deux décennies (1952-1972), l'IS et les groupes d'avant-garde dont…

A cento is a poem composed of verses or fragments from various literary texts that are collaged into a new one. The word comes from an ancient Latin term which means a blanket made of textile scraps.
This etymological…

LAPALU, Sophie; MARTEL, Michèle (eds.)
Pour des écoles d'art féministes !

Retranscrire un cycle de conférences, entretiens, workshops et groupes de discussion féministes intersectionnels dans une école d'art s'avère crucial pour partager des outils d'émancipation et bousculer les critères implicites…

LEGAL, Élise
Problèmes de localisation

En sortant de l’école d’art, Élise Legal parcourt un monde de crises économiques, d’absurdités politiques et d’angoisses écologiques. Un monde dans lequel elle doit désormais légitimer sa démarche artistique dans des dossiers…

RADIGUE, Éliane; BONASTRE, Laia (ed.)
Une idée du temps

Une idée du temps pays homage to Éliane Radigue and her unrivalled contribution to the electronic music genre over the past century. At 92 years old, she paved the way for independent producers. Armed only with…

BUCK-MORSS, Susan ; McCAUGHEY, Kevin; MICHAELS, Adam (eds.)
Seeing <—> Making: Room for Thought

Seeing <―> Making: Room for Thought both studies and presents the creative process of constructing ideas with images. By activating the techniques of montage, the book reveals a wide field of view and a space…

SELF, Jack (ed.)
Real Review #15 (Winter 2023)


It isn’t the representation of violence in the Gaza Strip that is so disturbing; it is the absence of representation. The grief and despair of a child is penetratingly real. The extreme realism…

Breaking Free

The press called him “perverted”. The police called him “sick and beneath contempt”. Even the Prime Minister was “utterly revolted”. But he’s proved them all wrong. Now Tintin’s back with all his pals, battling it out…

ELIA, Nada
Greater than the Sum of Our Parts. Feminism Inter/nationalism & Palestine

How is the struggle for Palestinian freedom bound up in other freedom struggles, and how are activists coming together globally to achieve justice and liberation for all?

In this bold book, Palestinian activist…

Le corps living room

Bienvenue en forêt! Nous voici au coeur d’un studio d’enregistrement à la chlorophylle où le fond vert qui nous est proposé nous servira de support à de multiples projections utopistes tandis qu’en fond et comme spectateurices…

MENDELSSOHN, Anna; HILKE, Beatrice (ed.); LUTZ, Vera (ed.)
Anna Mendelssohn Reader

After serving a five year prison sentence for her association with the anarchist Angry Brigade in the early 1970s, Mendelssohn subsequently withdrew from political groups and devoted herself entirely to art and writing.…

Oraison funèbre pour Zelda1990

D’eux, il ne reste que les mots de celle qui a croisé leur route. Le crissement de pneus qui sifflent avant un malheur qui tarde à se produire. Sanctification plus que célébration, Oraison funèbre pour Zelda1990

HUMMEL, Antoine
Ça joue

Qui contesterait un énoncé d’une telle évidence : « Ça joue. »
C’est le genre de vérité d’entrée de gamme, qu’un simple soupçon réalise : si tu te demandes si c’est vrai, c’est déjà un peu vrai, et si…


MORE RUCHES! Artist Aladin Borioli has been working on the Apian project since 2014, exploring the centuries-old relationship between bees and humans. In this book his research focuses on Bannkörbe – lit. “charm…

PIÉRON, Benoît; AMMER, Manuella (ed.)
Monstera Deliciosa

Mon utilisation de la couleur est très sérieuse et peut-être pas tant que ça sur le plan artistique. Je choisis avant tout mes couleurs de façon symbolique ou conceptuelle. Les quatre seules couleurs pastel qui m’intéressent…


Dans ce livres, un ensemble de textes Zoé Weil, à savoir cinq définitions en relation avec les Tours Nuages – Navire, Nuages, Étreinte, Amarres – mises en lien avec des photographies de Zineb Anber, Salomé Apack-Teddé,…

HETI, Sheila
Alphabetical Diaries

Sheila Heti collected half a millions words from a decade's worth of journals, put them in a spreadsheet, and sorted them alphabetically. She spent the next ten years cutting and refining, and was left with 60,000 words…

BEGGS, Michael; THOMSON, Julie J.
Weaving at Black Moutain College

A detailed study of the role and legacy of weaving at the legendary Black Mountain College
In the mid-twentieth century, Black Mountain College attracted a remarkable roster of artists, architects, and musicians.…


When he tired of Toronto’s insular scene, art critic Martin Heather fled to Berlin, where he tried to sleep his way through the entire population of gay men. And then he met Alexandar, who began to tutor Martin in increasingly…

Camp ! Vol. 3 : Soap Opera & Camp Gay

Après avoir revisité le cinéma d’exploitation et la comédie musicale, voilà que Camp ! se conclut par un feu d’artifice. Il nous replonge dans les mélodrames outrés d’Edward Dmytryk, les divas esquintées, débordantes…

CHARPY, Manuel; VERDIÈRE, Patrice; LEGOY, Corinne (eds.)
Modes Pratiques #5 : des nuits

Ce numéro est né de la place prise par le « monde de la nuit » dans la culture urbaine contemporaine – « la Night », dirait-on aujourd’hui. L’essor des « Night Studies » en témoigne. La Fée Électricité a fait reculer l’obscurité…

The Eye of the Master: A Social History of Artificial Intelligence

BACK IN STOCK <> What is AI? A dominant view describes it as the quest "to solve intelligence" - a solution supposedly to be found in the secret logic of the mind or in the deep physiology of the brain, such as in its…

ATTIA, Kader; FRANKE, Anselm; TEIXEIRA PINTO, Ana (eds.)
The White West: Fascism, Unreason, and the Paradox of Modernity

Ever since neofascist movements began to surge across the globe, liberal commentators have tried to put a name to what they are defending from these illiberal ideologies. The consensus is reason or rationality—after the…

NGBANZO, Anaïs (ed.)
Who Are You Dorothy Dean?

Un recueil d’écrits inédits de Dorothy Dean, l’une des rares figures féminines africaines-américaines de l’âge d'or de la bohème new-yorkaise, accompagné d’une sélection de sa correspondance avec Edie Sedgwick, Rene Ricard…

LEE, Anthony W. (ed.); MAUSS, Nicholas; MILLER, Angela
Body Language: The Queer Staged Photographs of George Platt Lynes and PaJaMa

Body Language is the first in-depth study of the extraordinary interplay between George Platt Lynes and PaJaMa (Paul Cadmus, Jared French, and Margaret Hoening French). Nick Mauss and Angela Miller offer timely…

HUET, Anne-Sarah
Le meilleur système

Acad, Seventiz (et les autres), ne sont pas toujours d'accord, mais une chose est sûre : ensemble, elles forment le meilleur système. À la fois actives au sein de l'université et dans le champ de l'art contemporain,…

ALGERA, Kirsten; VAN DER HOEVEN, Ernst (eds.)
MacGuffin #13: The Letter

This issue is dedicated to language’s basic material: the letter, a seemingly modest sign that can be a force of protest and connection. MacGuffin #13: The Letter dives deep into the infinite world of written…


Curated by Valerio Del Baglivo and exhibited for the first time at the 8th edition of the Biennale Gherdëina, Sentiero is a two-hour one-to-one walk-piece, the result of a year of performances, hikes, art, and…

SIA, Tiffany; PATTISON, Yuri
Weird Times

A chapbook by Tiffany Sia (b. Hong Kong) and Yuri Pattison (b. Dublin) on time-telling and hegemony. Featuring writing by Sia and images selected by Pattison, Weird Times is a brief history on the development…

A Short History of Trans Misogyny

There is no shortage of voices demanding everyone pay attention to the violence trans women suffer. But one frighteningly basic question seems never to be answered: why does it happen? If men are not inherently evil and…

ANTWI, Phanuel
On Cuddling. Loved to Death in the Racial Embrace

Ranging from the terrifying embrace of the slave ship’s hold to the racist encoding of “cuddly” toys, On Cuddling is a unique combination of essay and poetry that contends with the way racial violence is enacted…

EL-KURD, Mohammed
Back in stock ⧫ Each day after school, Mohammed El-Kurd’s grandmother welcomed him at the door of his home with a bouquet of jasmine. Her name was Rifqa—she was older…
DÉODAT, Caroline
Dans la polyphonie d'une île. Les fictions coloniales du sega mauricien

Dans la polyphonie d’une île dresse la généalogie raciale et coloniale du séga mauricien. Comment ces chants, musiques et danses, nés dans des communautés de fugitif·ves pendant…

L'Ours Blanc Automne 2023 : Trouer la brume du paradis

Trouer la brume du paradis est une introduction à la vie et à l’œuvre de Yanka Diaghileva, comète qui brilla brièvement à la fin des années 80 sur la scène punk d’une Union soviétique…

LECERCLE, Jean-Jacques
Lénine et l'arme du langage

À l’heure où le bruit et la fureur ne seraient plus de mise en politique, où l’on prend garde de ne pas cliver et où l’on se doit d’éviter toutes paroles « problématiques », lire Lénine en philosophe du langage, c’est…

Paris 2024

Les organisateurs des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques de Paris 2024 ont obtenu carte blanche pour fabriquer en Seine-Saint-Denis la ville rêvée des promoteurs et investisseurs : moderne, innovante,…

Histoire de la séparation

Pour les révolutionnaires des deux derniers siècles, l’accumulation du capital devait unifier la classe ouvrière sous la bannière du sujet révolutionnaire. Le mouvement ainsi né était appelé à renverser la société de classes…

GRIGORIADOU, Sofia; OTTA, Eliana; BERGÉ David (eds.)
Urban Lament. Collective Expressions of Pain, Rage, and Affection

Lamentation practices can empower the potentiality to defy patriarchal orders ruling everyday life. Always a collective process, lamentation inscribes loss and vulnerability by tending bridges towards the world of the…

FEHLBAUM, Rolf; STRICKER, Fifo (eds.)
An Art of Resilience: Popular Art from Brazil in the R.F. Collection

Brazil’s folk artists have long been admired for their detailed handicrafts. In a time of roaring art prices and increasing critique on what is worth collecting, folk art offers a fresh and uninhibited artistic exploration…