Nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

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December 3 2022 07:00PM
Rocher du Ciel / Martin Desinde aka Dépense Défensive

J'ai reçu sur la tête le plus gros rocher du ciel et j'ai perdu beaucoup de facultés
 Par Martin Desinde, lecture de Teddy Coste sur un arrangement musical…

CCA Singles – Abolish Human Bans. Intertwined Histories of Architecture

In this book, Esra Akcan builds on her theory of architectural translation to construct an activist gesture—through the lens of architectural history—against the anti-immigration policies of ruling powers. To contest the…

RUSSELL, Harriet
Adieu, pétrole

Qu’est-ce qui réunit les dinosaures et les ânes ? Le pétrole !

L’album illustré Adieu, pétrole explore comment le pétrole est produit et comment nous pouvons diminuer notre dépendance à celui-ci. Le récit…

Désirs postcapitalistes

Retranscription d’un cours donné en 2016 par Mark Fisher, théoricien critique britannique, auteur du Réalisme capitaliste et de Spectres de ma vie, Désirs postcapitalistes commence par une question…

SCHER, Julia
Filzengraben Boulevard

Conjuring Gloria Swanson’s role as former-silent film actress Norma Desmond in the 1950 Hollywood classic Sunset Boulevard, Julia Scher’s Filzengraben Boulevard weaves autobiography with melodramatic…

The Book of Na

In The Book of Na, translation acts at the edge of perception. Tracing across projects in film, video, and performance, Na Mira reflects on the violent fragmentation of bodies while refusing the containment of…

MYLES, Eileen (ed.)
Pathetic Literature

“Literature is pathetic.” So claims Eileen Myles in their bold and bracing introduction to Pathetic Literature, an exuberant collection of pieces ranging from poetry to drama to prose…

BUURMAN, Karolien; GRŪZĪTE, Monika; MECKLENBURG, Florian (eds.)
NXS Issue #6 (Summer 2022): Phygital Fashioning

NXS #6 explores the representation, consumption and transmission of digital fashion as one of the key mediators of the collective and individual public construction of the Self. How do these new ways of dressing…

KAN, Hiroshi

A wonderful collection of drawings by Hiroshi Kan, whose meticulously composed works, with a dazzling use of geometry and shape contrasts, are intensely enhanced by the color hues of the Risograph printing (Animal Press…

MATOS, Afonso (ed.)
Who can afford to be critical?

“Critical designers” produced by an increasing number of design schools are prompted to address social, political and environmental issues through their practices. Yet, who can afford to continue such effort after graduation?…

LOVAY, Balthazar; SCHWEIZER, Marianne; ZOUYENE, Jehane (eds.)
Travailler, lutter, diffuser: Archives militantes du Centre Grisélidis Réal de documentation internationale sur la prostitution, Genève

« Dans aucune bibliothèque, dans aucun centre de documentation officiel, social, féministe, religieux, on ne dispose d'archives sur la Prostitution, sujet maudit, tabou, escamoté, boycotté partout. Pour leurs travaux…

On the inconvenience of other people
In On the Inconvenience of Other People Lauren Berlant continues to explore our affective engagement with the world. Berlant focuses on the encounter with and the desire…

First published in 1972, Ann Quin’s fourth and final novel was a radical break from the introspective style she had developed in Three and Passages: a declaration of independence from all expectations.


Broadcasting: EAI at ICA

This volume marks the 50th anniversary of Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), one of the first nonprofit organizations dedicated to the advocacy and development of video art.

Foreword by John McInerney. Text by Rebecca…

BERGÉ, David (ed.)
Bodies of Extraction. Underneath the Ground of Islands

What does it mean to drill deep and interfere with the configuration of tectonic plates? What does it mean to hollow out and alienate islandic undergrounds? How is wealth extracted and exploited from the ground, crumbled…

Exilee. Temps Morts. Selected Writings

In her radical exploration of cultural and personal identity, the writer and artist Theresa Hak Kyung Cha sought “the roots of language before it is born on the tip of the tongue.” Her first book, the highly original postmodern…

ALETTI, Vincent
The Drawer

American critic and curator Vince Aletti has been collecting photographs printed on the pages of magazines and books since the 1970s. For the very first time the hundreds of tearsheets, newspaper clippings, gallery announcements,…

DARRICAU, Stéphane
De quoi la Garamond est-il le nom ?

Un essai qui s’attache à décrire et à expliciter l’histoire du plus célèbre des caractères typographiques classiques et de ses multiples avatars modernes et contemporains.

Cet ouvrage participe tout autant de la…

What have you left behind ?

In 2015, a year after it started, Bushra al-Maqtari decided to document the suffering of civilians in the Yemeni Civil War, which has killed over 350,000 people according to the UN. Inspired by the work of Svetlana Alexievich,…

L'histoire secrète de Kate Bush

Il n’existe pas deux artistes au monde comme Kate Bush.

Chanteuse, songwriter, performeuse à l’univers incomparable, créatrice inno-
vante, femme libre et puissante, elle est aussi paradoxalement une des pop


SEIDEL, Stephanie (ed)
Betye Saar. Serious Moonlight

Showcasing a lesser-known aspect of Saar’s art, Betye Saar: Serious Moonlight provides new insights into her explorations of ritual, spirituality and cosmologies, as well as themes of the African diaspora. Featured…

HASSAN, Yusuf ; OMARI, Kwamé
A tooth for a tooth

A visual conversation between Yusuf Hassan and Kwamé Omari, thinking about how images live in space next to one another, in or out of context. Each artist selecting 51 images in response to one another, the two build a…

LO PINTO, Luca et al (eds)
Cinzia Says...

Artist and fashion designer Cinzia Ruggeri (1942–2019) made her artistic research a tool for inquiry into the functional and semantic properties of the object and the architectural…

Terres frontalières / la Frontera, la nouvelle Mestiza

Ce livre hybride mêle les genres (essai et poésie) et les langues (anglais, différentes formes d'espagnol et quelques touches de langue indigène aztèque), pour mieux évoquer l'existence méconnue et précaire de celleux…

MINH-HA, Trinh T.
Femme, indigène, autre. Écrire le féminisme et la postcolonialité

Dans Femme, indigène, autre, Trinh T. Minh-ha explore la question de l’écriture d’un point de vue postcolonial et féministe. Ce livre qui s’inscrit à l’intersection de différents domaines – critique littéraire,…

The Barefoot Promise

A study on foot fetishism trough set photographs of Western films. From Hollywood Golden Age to French Nouvelle Vague, the motif of the foot reveals the hidden fantasies and gender norms conveyed by European and American…

Young-Girls in Echoland. #Theorizing Tiqqun

Tiqqun’s Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl is a controversial work of anticapitalist philosophy that has attracted musicians, playwrights, feminist theorists, and men's-rights activists since…

BROWN, DeForrest
Assembling a Black Counter Culture

DeForrest Brown, Jr.’s Assembling a Black Counter Culture presents a comprehensive account of techno with a focus on the history of Black experiences in industrialized labor systems—repositioning the genre as…

LUNSFORD, Bret (ed)
Sounding for Harry Smith. Early Pacific Northwest Influences

°MAGIK!° Pacific Northwest musician-historian Bret Lunsford (Beat Happening/D+) unravels a string of mysteries to reveal the avant-garde shards of a 20th century alchemist in his hometown. Harry Everett Smith (1923-1991)…

On Letters

On Letters is an epistolary essay penned by the amazing polymath Prem Krishnamurty; it is structured as thirteen wide-ranging and personal letters to the late conceptual artist On Kawara. Playing with language…

KAC, Eduardo

Porneia features incredible, amazing, hilarious, fantastic works realized in the context of the Porn Art Movement, a vanguard that emerged in 1980 under a military dictatorship in Brazil and which, for two intense…


oberih [ukr.: ‘an item that protects’] is a publication that serves as a fundraising project for people affected by the war in Ukraine. It is a collection of stories about things that accompany us everywhere and provide…

Dead Winter

These twenty-seven poems of Dead Winter continue the poet’s ongoing “From a Winter Notebook” cycle which plays on traditional winter themes of stasis, ruin, aging, lost love, belatedness, dormancy, and decline.…

Faster than an Erection

HOT STUFF back in stock!
Faster Than An Erection lays out Reba Maybury’s methodology as an Artist and Dominatrix whose medium is men. Accompanied by a poem by Cassandra Troyan and documentation of Maybury’s…

BRUEL, Christian
L'aventure politique du livre jeunesse
Coucou Fabrice, Ca va ?

Risographie Recueil Images Sculptures Photographies Textes Vert Rose Noir et Blanc La Défense Cergy Reliure Faite Main 30 Exemplaires

CHESNOT, Émilien
Fentanyl Flowers

vous venez de faire l'acquisition d'un joueur Blu-Ray et nous vous en remercions
monsieur Johnson nous remarquons la confiance témoignée
vivez la Blu-Ray expérience en sérénité accrue &…

ALGERA, Kirsten; VAN DER HOEVEN, Ernst (eds.)
MacGuffin #11: The Chain

From charms and chokers to shackles and fetters, MacGuffin Nº11 explores the many manifestations of that most contradictory of objects: The Chain. Worn with love since time immemorial, it is also the ultimate…

OFFERMANNS, Ingo (ed.)
Graphic Design is (...) not innocent

Graphic Design Is (…) Not Innocent questions ingrained approaches, values and assumptions of graphic design in globalized societies. The publication aims to initiate a dialogue between designers, scholars, critics…

Tantôt #3 Automne 2022

Troisième numéro de la revue Tantôt, revue de poésie imprimée à la main à Tiohtià:ke /
Montréal depuis l’automne 2021. Vieillir l’a rendue jeune d’un an. Et puisqu’elle est pareille
au temps – une création –,…

PURNELL, Brontez
Fag School #5

I started writing this zine like almost 20 years ago. I did a new one because I have absolutely NOTHING new to contribute to the convo and that should be celebrated. Also the future isnt as kool as I thought it would…

Color Problems. A Practical Manual for the Lay Student of Color

Emily Noyes Vanderpoel (1842-1939) was an artist, collector, scholar, and historian working at the dawn of the 20th century. Her first and most prominent work, Color Problems: A Practical Manual for the Lay Student…

A Few Personal Messages

“In movies by Buñuel, Visconti, Bertolucci, and Pasolini Pierre Clémenti was ravishing a louche angel and devil, unreachable, unknowable, beautiful. In A Few Personal Messages, Clémenti claims your head and heart…

SM BNGRZ. [New Order Edit]

This artist’s book accompanies Tony Cokes’ SM BNGRZ series, that takes as its starting point Rainald Goetz’s book Rave to analyse club culture as the celebration of life and political resistance. The…

PEARCE, Naomi; READ, Shirley; SULLY, Isabelle (ed.)
Unbidden Tongues #7: Continuity Girl

Unbidden Tongues #7: Continuity Girl unpacks the “forensic feminist methodology” developed by writer, curator and administrator Naomi Pearce. Informed by research conducted in various personal archives of women…

ABASHIDZE, Elene (ed.)
Danarti #14 — Like Parent Like Child

Like Parent, Like Child is a compilation of works on parenthood by artists : Ketuka Alexi-Meskhishvili, Jesse Darling, Maia Naveriani, Esma Oniani, David Horvitz, Christine Sun Kim & Thomas Mader

HEUGUET, Guillaume; VAUTHIER, Fanny (eds.)
Audimat #18

Au sommaire de ce numéro: « Faire grimacer la pop » par Julie Ackermann; « Jouir dans les aigus » par Valentin Grimaud; « J Dilla, presque…

Mélancolie des groupes

Pourquoi décide-t-on de participer aux activités d’un groupe à vocation politique et, qui plus est, révolutionnaire ? Que celui-ci soit formel ou informel,…

GAVIN, Francesca
Rough Version

This book brings together open and frank conversations around art and music from the first five years of the ongoing radio show, Rough Version, on cult online station NTS Radio.

Conceived and presented by writer…

Tout est si brillant

Amir adore chanter. Lorsque ses proches découvrent sa voix, tout le monde l'encourage à poursuivre son rêve : briller ! Un peu de maquillage, quelques accessoires, une grande dose de courage et d’amour, voilà les ingrédients…

RIANTO, Januar; MIKHAIL, Almer; ANINDYA, Michelle (eds.)
Serving Suggestion #01 / 2022

Serving Suggestion is a magazine reading into culture through food—aiming at discussing “our connection with what we consume through multifarious perspectives. We celebrate the idiosyncrasies in how we take certain…

5 Prose Fictions

Putting myself on paper.
Putting myself down on paper.

Putting myself…

Selected Collages 2002 to 2022

“I love these high-gloss, hardcover portraits of American Universities, preferably from the 80’s, with high color saturation. Breathtaking treasures are offered within their pages; the manifold sports activities... Pre-game…

Painting Backdrop Picture

“Think of the usual words that describe the manual labor of painting: Staple. Seal. Screw. Scrape. Slather. Scumble. Smear. Then throw that vocabulary out, because Matthew Lutez-Kinoy’s techniques are quite unlike the…

VIKRAM, Anuradha
Decolonizing Culture: Essays on the Intersection of Art and Politics

BACK INB STOCK! Anuradha Vikram’s Decolonizing Culture is a collection of seventeen essays that address questions of race and gender parity in contemporary art spaces. Vikram's text considers the specifics of…

Chronicles Vol. 3

"The tract developments are emulations of utopian communities. Going back to the 1920's utopian cult Kibbo Kift made banners that they took to specific locations of historic, mysterious monuments and natural monument occurances,…


Solitary is a collection of texts written at a wellness center in South Korea designed as a mock prison. This facility is run by an organization called Happitory—a combination of “Happiness” and “Factory.” Happitory…

Walking through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black (UK Edition)

Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black is the only story collection from the legendary writer, actress, ex-biker and columnist Cookie Mueller, published in the UK for the first time.


VELA, Nico

Nico Vela Page’s Americón is a collection of poems in Spanglish that weaves a space for the queer, trans body to know the land, and itself, as extensions of each other. The land is the desert of Northern New Mexico,…

HAMPEL, Winston; SELF, Jack (ed.)
Kommunen: Utopian Communes in the New World 1740–1972

Nothing about how we live today is sustainable. Therefore, a profound paradigm shift is imminent (indeed is already underway). To paraphrase Marx and Engels, all that is solid has melted into air, all that was sacred has…

URBONAS, Julijonas (ed.)
* as a Journal #3: Soundscapes

The third issue is dedicated to sound: as art; as vibrations in space; and as a constituent component of our experience of the world around us. Guest edited by Damian Lentini, the edition probes sound's ability to shape…

WINANT, Carmen

This book of multivalent narratives began with a simple premise: the collection of sheets of paper—ripped from books—featuring multiple photographs and inlaid narratives. Across a decade…

Nothing but my body

Nothing But My Body is an eight-day journey through the mind of a young woman, a queer sex worker in Australia, as she navigates breakups and infatuation across just over a year.
The unnamed narrator’s voice…

DURANT, Marc Alice
Maya Deren. Choreographed for Camera

Drama and myth frame the life and death of Maya Deren. Born in Kiev in 1917, at the start of the Russian Revolution, she died forty-four years later in New York City. In her brief life, she established herself as a pioneering…

hooks, bell
À propos d’amour

Parmi les livres les plus appréciés et les plus lus de bell hooks, À propos d’amour [All about love] est un texte singulier. Avec sa perspicacité habituelle et ses talents de vulgarisatrice, l'autrice…

Boogie Down Predictions: Hip-Hop, Time, and Afrofuturism

"This book, edited by Roy Christopher, is a moment. It is the deconstructed sample, the researched lyrical metaphors, the aha moment on the way to hip-hop enlightenment. Hip-hop permeates our world, and yet it is continually…

LONGO, Spencer

A collection of printed work depicting government raids, religious visions, environmental catastrophe, and extremist fundamentalism tangled together in a narrative web of salvation, annihilation, and transcendence. Using…

STRAU, Josef; BIRKENSTOCK, Eva (ed.)
Josef Strau: Spirits & Objects ... and How Non-Productive Love Is Sometimes Contained in Them ...

… In the texts I wanted to follow not so much the connection between artistic possession and evil or sleazy misdemeanors, or the ways for how to try to redeem them in older age, but just to concentrate on the moments…


TREASURE! BACK IN STOCK :) The facsimile of Desiderata, a collection of Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s poetry, photos, and diaristic fragments from her visit to New York City in the Winter of 1977. Only eighteen at…

HEUGUET, Guillaume; CELLARD, Loups (eds.)
Tèque #2

Tèque s’intéresse à la vie des technologies et à nos vies avec elles.

Amazon de l’intérieur, Anonyme
Les pièges de l’attention, Nick Seaver
Cringe & probabilités, Robin James
Survivre avec l’algo,…


This book is an exhibition. The pages can be arranged in sequence on a wall, creating a site-specific installation of 340 individual images over 21 square meters. Distributed in a limited edition of 750 copies, Martens…

Quantum Listening

In response to the anti-war movements of the 1960s, pioneering musician and composer Pauline Oliveros began to expand the way she made music, experimenting with meditation, movement and activism in her compositions. Fascinated…

Houses To Die In and Other Essays on Art

The undead of contemporary painting, avant-garde populism, photography courting stupidity, fraught networking, synthetic atmospheres, displaced abstractions, and the mediation of pain: these are among the subjects treated…

Le degré 41 sinapisé – Lecture on Pearl Disease, Paris 1922

First volume in bie bao series dedicated to militant zaum investigations of Ilya Zdanevich aka Iliazd (1894-1975), a poet, designer, typographer, theoretician, and publisher who developed a new philosophy and methodology…

MACLEOD, Clem (ed.)
Worms (Five)

In this issue, we explore New Narrative alongside writers working today that incorporate some of it’s themes. Our cover star Saidiya Hartman talks with Rhea Dillon about the limits and processes of creating stories from…

VAN BENNEKOM, Jop; JONKERS, Gert; FELDMANN, Nathaniel (eds.)
BUTT #31

The sudden return of your favorite fag mag continues with a thrilling 31st issue. Comedian Jordan Firstman goes cruising with Bruce LaBruce. NYC nightlife legend Sophia Lamar talks straight with Arca. Artist Soufiane Ababri…

HOWE, Susan; GUMBS, Alexis Pauline
Who Is Queen? 4: Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Susan Howe

Poets and writers Susan Howe and Alexis Pauline Gumbs read each other’s work and discuss reading and being read as an act of intimacy.


"In/somnia explores fissures within words as places where thought enters. Sleepless sleepers, we dream among ever more complex and hallucinatory realitites: `in/tense/in/season'"—Rosmarie Waldrop

WORTH, Aaron
The Night Wire and other Tales of Weird Media

The Night Wire is an original anthology exploring a topical issue of how technology has shaped our culture and literature. It features a mixture of popular supernatural authors such as Algernon Blackwood and H.…


From the brilliantly original novelist and cultural critic Lynne Tillman comes MOTHERCARE, an honest and beautifully written account of a sudden, drastically changed relationship to one’s mother, and of the time…

WILK, Elvia
Death by landscape

In this constellation of essays, Elvia Wilk asks what kinds of narratives will help us rethink our human perspective toward Earth. The book begins as an exploration of the role of fiction today and becomes a deep interrogation…


Where, or what, is home? What has it meant, historically and personally, to be ‘Italian’ or ‘English’, or both in a culture that prefers us to choose? What does it mean to have roots? Or to have left a piece of oneself…

TUTTI, Cosey Fanni
Re-Sisters. The Lives and Recordings of Delia Derbyshire, Margery Kempe & Cosey Fanni Tutti

In 2018, boundary-breaking visual and sonic artist Cosey Fanni Tutti received a commission to write the soundtrack to a film about Delia Derbyshire, the pioneering electronic composer who influenced the likes of Aphex…

Crystal Hotel X After 8 Books CAP

Celebrating what could have been but remains unlikely. One size fits all, bad hair days welcome. Disclaimer: book that hotel at your own risk !

Une collaboration qui n'existe que dans (sur) nos têtes. Une typo…

LACAVA, Stephanie
I Fear My Pain Interests You

Finally in, this was long-awaited *** come catch Stephanie LaCava in Paris on the 20th October here at the shop for the launch of the book !

Margot’s on her way to Montana, with blood on her face and a jeweled…

Dilla Time

Equal parts biography, musicology, and cultural history, Dilla Time chronicles the life and legacy of J Dilla, a musical genius who transformed the sound of popular music for the twenty-first century.

BENAZET, Luc; FROST, Jackqueline (eds.)
Senna Hoy #11

Le onzième numéro d'une nouvelle revue bilingue, Senna Hoy, qui a choisi pour titre le pseudonyme du militant anarchiste Johannes Holzmann (1882-1914) pour pratiquer la collecte et la traduction de textes de poésie contemporaine.…

LETTNER, Natalie
Maria Lassnig: The Biography

Maria Lassnig’s biography documents her boundary-breaking journey as an artist, from her humble beginnings in Austria to her exposure to international art in the 1940s, and on to New York, where, together with Louise Bourgeois,…

WEBBER, Mark (ed.)
The Afterimage Reader

“The British film journal Afterimage published thirteen issues (one of them a double number) between 1970 and 1987. Each edition had a dedicated title, and was centred on a collective theme or on individual filmmakers.…

Faux Pas. Selected Writings and Drawings (Expanded Edition)

* WOW ! * Very proud to annouce our third reprint of Amy Sillman's writings, now in an expanded edition: four new texts and many new drawings. An enhanced experience of the artist's witty, funny and overall amazing reflections…

Donald Dahmer

Donald Dahmer is a collection of poems by South London-born artist, Rhea Dillon. Written on her blog between 2018 and 2020, the publication was produced to mark her three month residency at V.O Curations. Dillon’s…

Les fourmis parlent tous bas

Un inventaire des divers objets (livre, statuettes, salade de doigts, vase, bottine) sculptés et émaillés par Virginie Clavereau. Avec un texte d'Alexandre Devaux.

ROBIAL, Étienne; GUILLOT, Antoine
La Fabrique d'Étienne Robial

La maison d’Etienne Robial, collectionneur aguerri, regorge d’objets chinés çà et là, d’époques, de formes et d’usages divers, qui font écho à ses multiples aventures graphiques et éditoriales. À travers sa pratique, il…

Seeing Things. Collected Writings on Art, Craft and Design

Alison Britton’s collected writings review the unstable place of craft in the spectrum of art and design. Now in a second edition, the essays included in Seeing Things reveal that ceramics, her central concern,…

TAYLOR, Catherine
Image Text Music

A series of textual and photographic essays that explore our encounters with the place where the visual meets the verbal. Taylor riffs on and subverts Roland Barthes’ classic 1977 essay collection, Image Music Text, using…

On Whiteness: The Racial Imaginary Institute

Cofounded in 2017 by authors Claudia Rankine and Beth Loffreda, the Racial Imaginary Institute (TRII) is an interdisciplinary collective of artists, writers, knowledge-producers and activists. The institute’s historic…

BOOM, Irma
Book Manifest

World renowned Dutch designer Irma Boom is known for her bold experimental approach to her projects, often challenging the convention of traditional books in both physical design and printed content. In the book "Book…

FROST, Jackqueline
Young Americans

Young Americans by Jackqueline Frost is a poetry collection that conjures a present teeming with the decadent violence of the confederate South.

The book is a narrative of becoming in the wartime petroleum…

Archives & Crimes

To enter a collective archive is to carry an anonymous corpse on your shoulders. You are not investigating how this corpse met its death so much as feeling impelled, somehow, to fill in the gaps that render it anonymous.…

MEUNIER, Karolien; GRAW, Isabelle; LICLAIR, Christian; SINOFZIK, Anna (eds.)
Texte Zur Kunst 32/127 (Sept. 2022) Resortization

With the help of the neologism “resortization,” this September issue of Texte zur Kunst discusses the structural transformation currently underway in the domain of art, which compels it to resemble a resort-like…


Jungle, ambient jungle, techstep, speed garage, darkcore, grime, dubstep, funky… Depuis le début des années 1990, une série de styles musicaux s’est répandue du Royaume-Uni jusqu’aux dancefloors du monde entier. Ces musiques…