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FRANKE, Anselm; STAKEMEIER, Kerstin (eds.)
Illiberal Arts

The liberal capitalist world order that prevailed after 1989 is today in a stage of advanced disintegration. The collapse of this order exposes the illiberal core of its freedoms and forms of ownership shaped by the market:…

And the Category Is… Inside New York’s Vogue, House, and Ballroom Community

What is Ballroom? Not a song, a documentary, a catchphrase, a TV show, or an individual pop star. It is an underground subculture founded over a century ago by LGBTQ African American and Latino men and women of Harlem.…

Playing Monogamy

Love is love, but not really. To recognise love as love we need comprehensible images. What are those contemporary images that help us identify love and how could we identify love differently, figuring it as less defined…

Toxteth Error Lad Painting Liverpool 2014 – 2021

In 2014 Victor Boullet opted out of the Parisian art scene and installed himself in Liverpool – a self-imposed isolation from the international art world and its networks and socialising that had been the fuel for his…

A Talk on Rhyme

In this text distilled from a lecture given in 2014, poet David Brazil reflects on rhyme’s “emergence, progress, inoperativity, and prospect.” The Talk is supplemented by an essayistic bibliography on subjects…

MAGNUSSON, Jonas J.; GRÖNBERG, Cecilia; ACQUAVIVA, Frédéric (eds.)
OEI #92-93 Lettrist Corpus: The Complete Magazines (1946–2016)

“Un livre qui fera date. Deux ans de recherches, 512 pages, 1.361 illustrations en quadrichromie, 119 revues lettristes parues de 1946 à 2016 pour un total de 1.200 ouvrages décrits (avec la couverture et le sommaire de…

TILLMANS, Wolfgang; MICHALKA, Matthias (ed.)
Wolfgang Tillmans. Sound is Liquid

Wolfgang Tillmans’ artistic practice attributes central importance to the observation of people, their relationship to one another, and their connection to the things around them. These subjective relations and modes of…

REUS, Magali
Magali Reus. Park Cities. Knaves

Magali Reus’ new photographic series, Knaves documents an array of mushrooms in headshot-like close up. As though in an al fresco portrait studio, the fungi are posed against backdrops of colourful vintage t-shirts…

AJARI, Norman

Dans l’histoire africaine-américaine, le pessimisme ne porte pas sur les Noirs, mais sur la capacité de la société blanche à dépasser sa négrophobie. Et si les idées et réformes que nous tenons pour progressistes n’étaient…

ASHBY, Sam; DAVIES, Jon (eds.)
Little Joe #6

Little Joe returns! The cover of our first issue in six years features Michelle Handelman's BloodSisters, the groundbreaking 1995 documentary about lesbian BDSM, accompanying a text on the film…

Bébé #1

Merci à ELLE, Grazia, Biba et autres magazines féminins de nous avoir dotées d'un seum et d'une gnaque indélébiles.

BUTCHER, Daisy (ed.)
Evil Roots. Killer Tales of the Botanical Gothic

Strangling vines and meat-hungry flora fill this unruly garden of strange stories, selected for their significance as the seeds of the villainous (or perhaps just misunderstood) ‘killer plant’ in fiction, film and video…

présomption de salariat

Une rencontre entre une presse typographique et une photocopieuse,

sous l'influence du code du travail et d'une réunion syndicale à propos des précaires.

Avec Grégoire Sourice.


O'GRADY, Lorraine
Writing in Space, 1973–2019
Writing in Space, 1973-2019 gathers the writings of conceptual artist Lorraine O'Grady, who for over forty years has investigated the complicated relationship between…
MIGNOLO, Walter D.
Politics of Decolonial Investigations
In The Politics of Decolonial Investigations Walter D. Mignolo provides a sweeping examination of how coloniality has operated around the world in its myriad forms from…
BERARDI, Franco "Bifo"
The Third Unconscious

The Unconscious knows no time, it has no before-and-after, it does not have a history of its own. Yet, it is not always the same. As it emerges in the life of people and societies, the Unconscious is shaped by ever-changing…

NELSON, Maggie
On Freedom

I had wanted to write a book about freedom. I had wanted to write this book at least since the subject emerged as an unexpected subtext in a book of mine about art and…

Glossator #11 Cristina Campo: Translation / Commentary

Poet and writer Cristina Campo (Vittoria Guerrini, 1923-1977) is primarily known in Italy as a translator, especially of modernist poetic works and the writings of Simone Weil. Translation was for…

Gufo (ed.)
HOOT #4 The Soft Power Digest

The Soft Protest Digest centre ses recherches sur l'histoire de l'alimentation, de l'agriculture et des liens sociaux et politiques qui constituent une culture alimentaire. Le collectif croit en l'utilisation de la narration…


Hello and welcome to SMALL PRESS TYCOON, the original DIY publishing simulator: I’m Mitch, the founder and executive janitor of Inpatient Interactive …

SMALL PRESS TYCOON is the original DIY publishing…

HELICZER, Piero; THOREL, Benjamin; VINET, Sophie (eds)
Piero Heliczer. Poems & Documents / Poèmes & Documents

*NEW RELEASE* Poet, editor, filmmaker, actor, child star in Mussolini’s Italy, founder of The Dead Language Press and of the Paris Filmmakers Cooperative, Piero Heliczer (1937–1993) was an essential yet secret agent of…

ARSANIOS, Mirene; VALINSKY, Rachel (ed.)
Among a Sea of Influence

Among a Sea of Influences documents a series of workshops and conversations hosted by Wendy’s Subway and organized by English-Arabic bilingual magazine Makzhin editor Mirene Arsanios on questions of formative…

KITTO, Svetlana
Sara Penn’s Knobkerry: An Oral History Sourcebook

An amazing book that is the culmination a years-long oral history project, conceived and developed by writer and oral historian Svetlana Kitto, that begins to demarcate a potential sphere of influence for artist and designer…


“Piercing, whirring — Hearing is an impossibly accomplished double poetic achievement. Hejinian and Scalapino seek, practice and find attunement to all that is happening — that is, experience — having entered into a covenant…

The Marathon Poet

Iconic poet-artist of the Swedish post-war avant-garde, Åke Hodell tells the story of his artistic journey through the absurd, satirical, tour-de-force that is The…

As If

This book of photographs is the long-awaited sequel to Uta Eisenrich’s A NOT B (2010), wherein quotidian items are again staged and captured through the camera’s unblinking eye. Yet the images are no longer set…

Divine Drudgery

“In the making of Divine Drudgery, there has been an ongoing concern with specific psychic and temporal states, rushes of systemic and embodied interconnectedness and wonder, as well as a sense of porousness and…

DARS, Sophie; LE GRELLE, Roxane (eds.)
Objects of Fascination

During the pandemic, 44 people were invited to take part in a ‘serious game’: each participant selected the image of a personal object of fascination, out of which a shape was extracted, redrawn, scaled and sent to a CNC…

LÜTHI, Louis
On The Self-Reflexive Page II

A book that proposes a typology of nonverbal elements - or transitional spaces between image and scripture  in novels, short stories, and essays. On The Self-Reflexive Page II is part artist’s book and part essay,…

MININNO, Alessandro
Graffiti Writing in Italy 1989–2021

It’s a simple game with simple rules; get yourself a tag and write it in an original style, as often as you can, everywhere and anywhere.

The new edition of a lively and powerful essay about graffiti writing…


A precious bulk book, bound in Japanese style, with ephemeras and found materials exchanges between Ana Jotta and Pierre Leguillon.

No Art

This book brings together for the first time Ben Lerner’s three acclaimed volumes of poetry, along with a handful of newer poems, to present a decade-long exploration of the relationship between form and meaning, between…

DELANY, Samuel
Occasional Views vol.1

An incredible collection of writings by Samuel R. Delany, writer of literary theory, queer literature, and fiction. This anthology of essays, lectures, and interviews addresses topics such as 9/11, race, the garden of…

HAUSLADEN, Katharina; LIPINSKY DE ORLOV, Geneviève (eds.)
Texte Zur Kunst 31/124 (Dec. 2021) Collectivity

Cooperation and collaboration are buzzwords in the globalized art world. It’s no wonder, then, that artist collectives seem to be everywhere at the moment: from Documenta to the Turner Prize to the protest movements at…

L'anthrobscène et autres violences

Publiés en anglais respectivement en 2014, 2016 et 2019, ces trois essais sont traduits pour la première fois en français. Jussi Parikka, chercheur et spécialiste de l'archéologie des médias internationalement reconnu,…

Un Moyen Âge Émancipateur

Une récente enquête menée dans les écoles d’art et de design francophones aboutit à un constat étonnant : beaucoup d’étudiante·s affirment que l’artisanat est l’avenir de l’art et que les sorcières détruiront le patriarcat.…

RAMOS, Cristina; FELDE, Eliot Z. (eds.)

A sandwich can be so much more than an item of food consisting of bread with a filling. The making of a sandwich is a tasteful and relational creation, sprinkling community, criticality and cultural economy.


Åbäke and May Rosenthal Sloan
London’s Kitchen

A publication exploring industry, culture and space in Park Royal, with contributions from Catherine Flood, Anissa Helou, Zarina Muhammad, Riaz Phillips, Tim Strangleman and Tian Khee Siong.

London’s Kitchen is…

MUL, Marlie
PMS tee-shirts

Make someone or yourself happy during the hardest days. These Premenstrual Syndrome garments are an ongoing project by wonderful artist Marlie Mul. 

Washed Red Tee: 1x XS, 1 xS (50€)
Washed Black: 1x S (50€)

STOERCHLE, Wolfgang; DUSAPIN, Alice (ed.)
Wolfgang Stoerchle: Success in Failure

First monograph devoted to the work of video artist and performer Wolfgang Stoerchle (1944-1976), an artistic figure of the Californian scene in the 1970s, based on extensive research and three international exhibitions.


ZINA, Cara; HAMMOU, Karim
Fear of a Female Planet

Connais-tu Straight Royeur, le groupe de rap au tournant des années 90 où Virginie Despentes aiguisait sa plume au côté de Cara Zina, Gilles, Hashan et MC?

JAFRI, Maryam
Independence Days

In her artist book "Independence Days", Maryam Jafri presents an expanded version of her photo installation, "Independence Day 1934-1975", juxtaposing and arranging 234 photographs sourced over 10 years of research in…

LIGON, Glenn
Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Glenn Ligon’s documentation of his studio and practice offers a glimpse into the way the…

Polyphonie Penthésilée

La dernière romance de Liliane Giraudon !

"elle guerroient les amazones

              dans leur petites armures peintes"

OPITZ, Silke; RIGAUDIE, Mylène
Bauhaus-Kater Fritzie

BAUHAUS? - Kater Fritzie jedenfalls interessiert sich mehr für Mäuse und Vögel. Als seine Künstlerfamilie Klee in den Urlaub will, kann er nicht mit, denn ihm wird vom Eisenbahnfahren schlecht. Daher bringen die Klees…

ROMBERGER, Kayla; WESLEY, Gee; COONEY, Nerissa; DOWNING, Lauren; YANAS, Ricky (eds.)
Publishing as Practice. Hardworking Goodlooking, Martine Syms/Dominica, Bidoun

This book documents Publishing as Practice, a residency at Ulises—a curatorial platform based in Philadelphia—that explores publishing as an incubator for new forms of editorial, curatorial and artistic practice.


BOTANOVA, Kateryna; LATIMER, Quinn (eds.)
Amazonia: Anthology as Cosmology

Amazonia: Anthology as Cosmology is devoted to Amazonia, its peoples, allies, and nonhuman spirits, and their myriad material and immaterial practices, from certain cosmopolitics and visual languages to past and…


In Partners, writer, librarian, and teacher Stephen Housewright paints an intimate portrait of a lifetime spent with Jerry Hunt (1943–1993), a Texas-born artist and musician with an astonishing mind and a mystifying…

The O.G. Vol. 15: Elements for a conversation

A new zine in the form of a bloc of postcards made as part of the Solitude project with the Frans Masereel Centrum in Belgium!

During the lonesome winter of 2020, the world was abstract and brutal, almost un-…

Parade of the Old New

An incredible document of an incredible work. Whilst making Parade of the Old New, a series of paintings on cardboard some forty meters long that related the events of the Trump presidency as they unfolded, Zoe Beloff…

JB BLUNK (third edition)

This long-awaited monograph presents the breadth of JB Blunk's practice and includes never-before-seen archival and newly commissioned photographs of jewelry, ceramics, paintings, furniture, sculpture and his hand built…

LPPL with Åbäke

It starts in the kitchen in 2014, tentatively showing that a fish is not necessarily rectangular or breaded. Once cleaned, the bones of the animal kingdom eaten by LPPL and åbäke found a new life as dinosaurs interpreted…

The Clearing

JJJJJerome Ellis’s The Clearing asks how stuttering, blackness, and music can be practices of refusal against hegemonic governance of time, speech, and encounter. Taking his glottal block stutter as a point of…


The publication Armin Hofmann—Farbe. Texts on the exhibition was published on the occasion of the exhibition at Gallery Susanna Kulli, Zurich, in the summer of 2012, providing background information about the color work…

C'est Bien - a coloring book

The Struwwelpeter and other creatures cavort in a sunlit and happy garden. They all give into their crave to dig their fingers further inside an adventure reminiscent of both Warhol’s In the Bottom of My Garden and Brueghel’s…

CRIMP, Douglas; OLESEN, Henrik
Diss-co (A Fragment)

Douglas Crimp (b. Coeur d’Alene, USA, 1944; d. New York, USA, 2019) was one of the most influential art critics, curators, and AIDS activists of his time. His writings on representation and critique remain uncontested…

DILLON, Martha (ed.)
freezing in LA! Issue 8

In this issue of It’s Freezing in LA!, we turn our attention to borders as they criss-cross the climate movement in their many forms. We hear from people displaced by extreme weather, groups fighting for climate reparations…

WOOD, Anna; STRIPE, Adele
Flashback - Parties for the People by the People

Flashback - Parties For The People By The People tells the story of the infamous Blackburn Acid House 'parties', the vital part this moment of counter-cultural history has played in the social, economic and cultural…

DEW, Charlotte
Women For Peace - Banners From Greenham Common

In the late summer of 1981, a group of women walked from Cardiff, Wales for over a hundred miles carrying a hand-made banner proclaiming their protest against nuclear missiles. This march to the military base at Greenham…

STOP PAINTING - An Exhibition By Peter Fischli

Described by Peter Fischli as "a kaleidoscope of repudiated gestures", the project explores a series of specific ruptures within the history of painting in the last 150 years, intertwined with the emergence of new social…

COSTA, Chiara; Mario MAINETTI (eds)
Betye Saar - Uneasy Dancer

Drawing from a variety of cultural forms, objects and materials - from black identity traditions to influences of beliefs of all kind (Unitarian, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, and syncretic faiths), Betye Saar's artistic process…

Mirror Reflecting Darkly

From the Bronx to Soho to Brixton, Mirror Reflecting Darkly is an exploration of the artist Rita Keegan's archive collection. Part autobiography and part critical history, it reproduces a cross-section of Keegan's…

Mouse in residence

Fahrenbühl is a remote artists’ residence inhabited by two mice. It’s the most beautiful place in the world. People say that living in the country makes you calm and thoughtful. Yet the insipidness of a life of seclusion…

LIN, Candice (artist); BYERS, Dan (ed.); SUNG, Victoria (ed.)
Candice Lin: Seeping, Rotting, Resting, Weeping

Lin often investigates the legacies of colonialism by tracing the material histories of goods that circulated within global trade routes. For her Walker Art Center and Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts project, the…

Private Book #9

Ninth volume in Karma’s 11-volume facsimile printing of Lee Lozano’s “Private Book” project, covering the days from Mai 1 to Sept. 30, 1970, and comprising several entries about states of the body. 

BENAZET, Luc; FROST, Jackqueline (eds.)
Senna Hoy #8

Le huitième numéro d'une nouvelle revue bilingue, Senna Hoy, qui a choisi pour titre le pseudonyme du militant anarchiste Johannes Holzmann (1882-1914) pour pratiquer la collecte et la traduction de textes de poésie contemporaine.…

Bee Reaved

This new collection of essays, selected by Dodie Bellamy after the death of Kevin Killian, her companion and husband of thirty-three years, circles around loss and abandonment large and small. Bellamy's highly focused…

MELIS, Mario
Bookmark #1

First bookmark of an ongoing series published by Giselle’s Books.

Edition of 100. Each piece is unique. 

Mario Melis lives and works in Paris. Their practice stems from a mixture of collected images, digital…

JAMESON, Frederic
Archéologies du futur

Depuis la fin des années 1970, l'idée de totalitarisme a agi comme un interdit d'imaginer un avenir collectif désirable. Mais aujourd'hui, le capitalisme mondialisé touche à sa fin, discrédité par les crises environnementale,…

The Letters of Mina Harker, new edition

Hypocrisy's not the problem, I think, it's allegory the breeding ground of paranoia. The act of reading into—how does one know when to stop? KK says that Dodie has the advantage because she's physical and I'm “only…

IVES, Lucy; CONNORS, Matthew
The Poetics

In July of 2017, Matthew Connors and Lucy Ives embarked on this strange project to remove and catalog all the contents of Connors’s car, a 1992 Volvo 240 station wagon. Although they began the endeavor without knowing…

WINANT, Carmen
Instructional Photography: Learning How to Live Now

Instructional Photography: Learning How to Live Now is a timely and explosive book by artist and writer Carmen Winant. An investigation of a genre of photographs Winant calls “instructional”, it asks: can photographs…

KAFKA, Franz
Kafka: les dessins

<3 <3 Oui, Franz Kafka, c’est encore d’actualité en 2021 les p’tits loups! Et en 2022 aussi vous serez émuex par ces œuvres réalisées entre 1901 et 1907, une époque où Kafka dessine intensément. Il saisit sur…

WOOLF, Virginia
Oh, to Be a Painter!

This collection of Virginia Woolf’s writings on the visual arts offers a whole new perspective on the revolutionary author.

Despite wide interest in Woolf’s writings, and in the artists and art critics in her Bloomsbury…

La Séquence Aardtman

Dans ce monde futuriste, les humainxs ne sont plus que quelques millions sur terre et les bots, depuis les lois d’autonomie, sont privilégiés par la société grâce à un système de point. Parallèlement, pour découvrir l’univers,…

hooks, bell
La volonté de changer

Si pour beaucoup d’hommes, le féminisme est une affaire de femmes, bell hooks s’attelle ici à démontrer le contraire. La culture patriarcale, pour fabriquer de « vrais hommes », exige…

Jeremiah Day. “If It’s For The People, It Needs To Be Beautiful,” She Said

Accompanying a series of solo collaborations in 2020, this publication offers the first comprehensive and global perspective on Jeremiah Day's work as an artist, performer, researcher and teacher. As it details Day's specific…

“A Lecture on Stagnation”

It is less a lecture, more like a cartography.
Parts may or may not sync up, we will see.

Ce qui suit est “Une conférence sur la stagnation”
Il s’agit moins d’une conférence que d’une


“A visual feast”
This publication contains a collection of patterns designed by Dutch graphic designer Karel Martens. Although Martens is widely recognised for his specialisation in typography, the dozens of full-page…

DARABI, Hannah
Soleil of Persian Square

Soleil of Persian Square est une recherche sur l’identité visuelle du style de vie de la diaspora iranienne à Los Angeles. Elle tente de donner un visage à cette ville fictionnelle qui a pour nom Tehrangeles,…

BONNET, François; SANSON, Bartolomé (eds.)
Spectres #03. Ghosts in the Machine / Fantômes dans la machines

The expression ‘ghost in the machine’ emerged within a particular context, namely as a critique of Cartesian dualism’s separation of soul and body, and thus served to revive a certain mechanistic materialism. In simple…

OWENS, Craig
From Work to Frame or, Is There Life After "The Death of the Author"?
"From Work to Frame" was first published in English and Swedish in 1987 in a catalog of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm for the exhibition "Implosion: A Postmodern Perspective"…
The Supporters
Collection Buttonwood Press « W » , Financeurs: Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart, Kunstverein Nürnberg, Max Mayer Galerie
I See / You Mean

From the first edition, published by Chrysalis Books (1979):

I See / You Mean is an experimental novel about mirrors, maps, relationships, the ocean, elusive success, and possible happiness. Through a collage of…

STONE, Eric Golo (ed.)
Services Working Group

The transcript collecte in this Folio document the ground-breaking working group on labour relations and institutional governance in the field of art organized in 1994 by Helmut Draxler and Andrea Fraser. With newly produced…

BY OLSEN, Elise (ed.)
Wallet #10 – Heirs of History

A conclusive conversation on archival practices in fashion. Featuring Valerie Steele, David Casavant and Emman Debattista in a text conversation, and Martin Margiela, Georges Wendell, Helmut Lang, Willi Smith, Colmar,…

BARUCHELLO, Gianfranco
Amuser Duchamp

72 frames from Gianfranco Baruchello Filming Marcel Duchamp(1964). A short portrait of Duchamp smoking a cigar.

[publisher's note]

HOWE, Susan
Il n’y a pas assez de feuilles

Saisir un double mouvement, du poème vers ­l’histoire et de la vie vers la littérature, pour entrer dans des espaces qui s’imbriquent et nous font traverser l’Océan et la Guerre, c’est l’enjeu de ce livre. Face à une langue…

GOODE, Joe; RUSCHA, Ed; ZANDER, Thomas (ed.)
Joe Goode I Ed Ruscha. Yesterday’s Treasures

The catalogue of the two-artist exhibition features works from six decades including photographs, paintings, works on paper and artist’s books. With their unconventional approaches to these media, both artists are seminal…

Disparaitre #3

La nuit je dors plus. Je prends mon vélo et je vais voir là où ça construit les rêves des autres, l’argent qui s’élance dans le ciel et qui nous fait de l’ombre. L’argent qui arrange l’espace et la réalité, change…

Other People’s Clothes

2009. Berlin.
Two art students arrive from New York, both desperate for the city to solve their problems. Zoe is grieving for her high school best friend, murdered months before in her hometown in Florida. Hailey…

MOTEN, Fred; HARNEY, Stefano
All Incomplete

Building on the ideas Harney and Moten developed in The Undercommons, All Incomplete extends the critical investigation of logistics, individuation and sovereignty. It reflects their chances to travel,…

Weird Fucks (new edition)

BACK AND BEAUTIFUL !!! A young woman drifts through dimly lit bars and rented rooms, reporting from the erogenous zones of New York and Europe. Encountering increasingly bizarre sexual situations, she turns her curious,…

PIRON, François; DÉSANGES, Guillaume (eds.)

Cet ouvrage documente des luttes et des contre-cultures en Bretagne et en Loire-Atlantique, telles qu’elles ont été chroniquées par des cinéastes, des photographes, des artistes et des militant·es…

PATER, Ruben
Caps Lock. How Capitalism Took Hold Of Graphic Design, And How To Escape From It

In this book, Dutch graphic designer Ruben Pater uses clear language and visual examples to show how graphic design and capitalism are inextricably linked. Capitalism could not exist without the myriad banknotes, documents,…

WARK, McKenzie
Philosophy for Spiders

It's time to recognize Kathy Acker as one of the great postwar American writers. Over the decades readers have found a punk Acker, a feminist Acker, a queer Acker, a kink Acker, and an avant-garde Acker. In Philosophy…

Tout peut faire cendre

Il faut être deux pour bien garder un secret. Il faut être deux pour bien manier le métier à tisser. Il faut être deux sœurs, coutumières du silence et du caché, pour confier à la trame d’une tapisserie le plus grand secret…

JONES, William E.
I Should Have Known Better

I Should Have Known Better’s first person narrator, while working at a dead-end job in Los Angeles during the mid-1990s, reconnects with his best friend Moira, recently returned from Central America, and makes…