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FINCH, Claire
Chapter 15 : I lie on the floor

An excerpt from Claire Finch’s upcoming book; an anachronistic epistolary exchange including democratic theory, gender studies, and dildos, where love and the void question each other in action.

The Presage…

FORSTER, Sherian Mohammed
wild wild west

It’s 4:50 am, without an alarm clock ringing, the rage comes out, why ? Sherian Mohammed Forster questions the abstract patterns that get into our heart and hurt, from Instagram trends to planes that take off with or without…


Trompette gathers three short texts by Soto Labor, along with their beautiful drawings, that tell about magnificient animals who observe and eat the world.
Bilingual, French & English.

Trois courts…


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was… 1996—a year artist Matt Keegan proposes an in-depth study of, in this multivocal, multi-layered publication. It aims at, as he puts it, “a critical analysis…

YUE, Genevieve
Girl Head. Feminism and Film Materiality

Girl Head shows how gender has had a surprising and persistent role in film production processes, well before the image ever appears onscreen. For decades, feminist film criticism has focused on issues of representation:…

POPA, Alina; FLUERAS, Florin (eds.)

“Bezna” in Romanian means consistent darkness + diffuse fear. Bezna is darkly glowing dead thinking, cosmic pessimism, hairy autonomy, inner reptilians, limbo sighs, horrendous pink volumes, underground nematodes, happy…

Je suis un monstre qui vous parle. rapport pour une académie de psychanalystes

En novembre 2019, Paul Preciado s'exprime devant 3500 psychanalystes lors des journées internationales de l'Ecole de la Cause Freudienne à Paris. Devant la profession qui l'a diagnostiqué « malade mental » et « dysphorique…

Human Strike and the Art of Creating Freedom

A collection of writings by Claire Fontaine, addressing our complicity with anything that limits our freedom, Human Strike… presents, in chronological order, all the texts by the feminist, conceptual…

DUSTAN, Guillaume; BOUCHÉ-PILLON, Johann (ed.)
Dustan TV

Trois interviews télévisuelles de l’écrivain Guillaume Dustan, deux de 1999 et une de 2001, de l’auteur de Dans ma chambre ou Nicolas Pages. Retranscrits par un outil automatisé de YouTube,…

The Disco Files 1973–78

In 1973, Vince Aletti became the first person to write about the emerging disco scene. His engagement with disco nightlife continued throughout the decade as he wrote his weekly column for Record World magazine,…

I must be more like an ant than a cigale because I like to sing in winter

Counter Culture Chronicles and Casioli Press from The Hague have joined forces with Bart De Paepe’s Sloow Tapes from Stekene, Belgium to publish a lovely edition dedicated to Piero Heliczer. The book, designed by Lula…

Pity and Terror. Jack Kerouac on Nosferatu

Gregory Stephenson’s essay Pity and Terror: Jack Kerouac on Nosferatu has now been published jointly by Counter Culture Chronicles and Casioli Press, The Hague. The essay has Kerouac’s relatively unknown notes…

Une guerre mondiale contre les femmes. Des chasses aux sorcières au féminicide

Cet ouvrage tente de rassembler en quelques chapitres les grands enjeux soulevés par Silvia Federici autour de la notion de sorcières et de chasse aux sorcières. Le public a connu (et reconnu) Federici à travers son magnum…

Hot, Cool & Vicious. Genre, race et sexualité dans le rap états-unien

De toutes les musiques populaires contemporaines, le rap est celle que l'on associe le plus communément à l'expression d'un discours misogyne. Mais si les rappeuses elles-mêmes décrivent souvent l'industrie du rap comme…

Voguing and the Ballroom Scene of New York 1989-92

Voguing came dut of the extraordinary house ballroom scene that emerged in Harlem, New Yark in the 1980s in which African-American and Latino gay and transgender communities competed against one another for their dancing…

ZUST, Mara
Kolkata City of Print

Kolkata: City of Print, created by Swiss artist Mara Züst (born 1976), focuses on the rich heritage and present abundance of the print medium in this Indian city long famed for its literary and publishing culture.…

Feu Tony Metalsi

« Il entendait les portières des voitures claquer et le son strident de la propriété. Il déchiffrait sur chaque visage une vie de labeur et d’envie, une existence propre, aussi complexe que la sienne, un enchevêtrement…

Behzad Golpaygany. Biography, Works And Activities

Iranian graphic designer Béhzad Golpayegani (1938–1985) worked in 1970s for various journals and designed numerous book covers for Franklin Publications, a publisher of pocket-sized paperbacks. In those years he created…

HOWE, Susan

“Only artworks are capable of transmitting chthonic echo-signals,” Susan Howe has said. In Concordance, she has created a fresh body of work transmitting vital signals from a variety of archives. “Since,” a semiautobiographical…


{Beyond this “new” cover, there is a beaufitul facsimile of Dictée.}
is the best-known work of the versatile and important Korean American artist Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. A classic work of autobiography…

HUMMEL, Antoine
Est-ce qu’il se passe quelque chose ?

Un livre d’ondes, de signaux reçus et transcrits jour après jour. Entre le début du mois de mars et la fin du mois de mai 2020, depuis le boulevard de la Libération à Marseille, l’auteur s’est branché sur les discours…

ARRIOLA, Aimar; CASTERA, Grégory (eds.)
The Against Nature Journal #2 (Winter 2021)

As of summer 2020, the “restoration of natural order” is back on the agenda of many alt-right movements across the world, and “unnatural” sexual orientations and behaviors are still condemnent to imprisonment, corporal…

SEWELL, Amanda
Wendy Carlos. A biography

This book is the first full-length biography to be written about the American composer and electronic musician Wendy Carlos (b. 1939). With her debut album, Switched-On Bach, Carlos brought the sound of the Moog synthesizer…

HEUGUET, Guillaume; MENU, Étienne (eds.)
Audimat #14

Audimat est une revue de critique musicale/sociale et présente une écriture sur la musique libérée des contraintes d'actualité et des formats de la presse périodique. Ce quatorzième numéro aborde l'actualité des rapports…

ABI-KARAM, Andrea ; GABRIEL, Kay (eds.)
We Want it All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics

“As a collection of writing by trans people against capital and empire, this book attempts to piece together these multiple points of overlap between the subjective, interpersonal, and everyday modes of trans life, and…

LOTERY, Kevin (ed.)
The Long Front of Culture. The Independent Group and Exhibition Design

In 1950s London, a cadre of young artists, theorists, and popular culture aficionados known as the Independent Group (IG) came together for a series of pressing meetings. Their humble goal: to reimagine the structure of…

Superstructures (Notes on Experimental Jetset / Volume 2)

Superstructures (Notes on Experimental Jetset / Volume 2) is an inquiry into the role of the city as an infrastructure for language (and simultaneously, into the role of language as an infrastructure for the city),…

DURHAM, Jimmie
Particle/Word Theory

Often it is about the sound,
Alignement of syllables in mental spaces,
Throat of glottal stops more than meaning. [...]

JOSEPH, Manuel
Aubépine, Hiatus, Kremlin, Netflix & Aqmi ou les Baisetioles

Le 12 novembre 2016, un an après les attentats qui y avaient fait des dizaines de victimes, le Bataclan rouvre…

NGAI, Sianne
Theory of the Gimmick. Aesthetic Judgment and Capitalist Form

Repulsive and yet strangely attractive, the gimmick is a form that can be found virtually everywhere in capitalism. It comes in many guises: a musical hook, a financial strategy, a striptease, a novel of ideas. Above all,…

SOYER, Sabrina (ed.)
HOW TO become a motherfuckinelegist #3
HOW TO BECOME A MOTHERFUCKINELEGIST = Last September, we started to collectively translate an essay by Kathy Acker: “The city”. It is a text extracted from her collection Bodies of Work ; the narrator alternates between…
Rise of the Printers. Wade Guyton at the Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop

American sci-fi author Mark von Schlegell reflects on a dialogue of works by American painter Wade Guyton and Josef Albers. Von Schlegell shows how, building upon Albers’ exploration of minimalist visual language, Guyton…

DI SALVO, Giorgio
Insufficient Armour

Once confined to the narrow circle of "medicalizing" practices, the prosthesis finally colonized our imagination thanks to the promise of an "augmented body" capable of undermining traditional dichotomies such as artificial…

SCALI-RINGWALD, Antonine ; CARLIER, Loucia (eds.)
Klima #03 – Magical Trouble

Dedicated to the occult, Klima #3 continues the last issue's line of questioning, this time turning its gaze towards the spiritual dimension that emerges from the various encounters and cohabitations of the living and…

Cathy Josefowitz

The richly illustrated volume offers the occasion to discover a singular yet little-known body of work on the borders of the art world. The practice of the late American-born, Swiss-based artist Cathy Josefowitz (1956–2014),…

Sound American #25 – The Folk Issue

Guest edited/curated by Sarah Hennies and Anna Roberts-Gevalt, two of American's most forward-looking practitioners in the experimental and folk fields respectively, SA25 takes on questions of a musical community, and…

The Archival Turn in Feminism. Outrage in Order

A window into the preservation of contemporary feminist documents and artifacts, and how this archival activism has advanced intergenerational political alliance.

YUSOFF, Kathryn
A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None

Kathryn Yusoff examines how the grammar of geology is foundational to establishing the extractive economies of subjective life and the earth under colonialism and slavery. She initiates a transdisciplinary conversation…

MILIAN, Claudia

LatinX, according to Claudia Milian, is the most powerful conceptual tool of the Latino/a present, an itinerary whose analytic routes incorporate the Global South and ecological devastation. Milian’s trailblazing study…

MATER, Katja
Time is an Arrow, Error

“Two clock-faces are staring at each other.
They are two sides of one thing, as different as they are the same.
They move as two bodies revolving around each other, into a tender embrace.
A kiss, made of…

LAMAS, Gonçalo

Concurrently: ode, elegy, satyre, Boeing Nº 737-800 in F♯m awakes and takes off, lands and falls asleep, in between cold sweats and time zones. Triangulating the distance from ground to body, moving though still, to sun,…

ASAD, Amira ; PEINADO, Leila ; AL DERI, Rashed (eds)
Lifta Volume 1

Founded in 2018, LIFTA is a space led by the imagination. Prioritizing collaboration and humancentric processes, LIFTA develops projects across different mediums including publications, exhibitions, and film. Crafted by…

JØRGENSEN, Lærke Rydal; COLSTRUP, Tine (eds.)
Tetsumi Kudo. Cultivation

Contemplating Japanese artist Tetsumi Kudo’s (1935-90) work in the 21st century provokes a sense of the uncanny on multiple levels: grotesquely beautiful on their own, his abject sculptures seem to foretell today’s environmental…

DE LA TORRE, Mónica ; LAUTERBACH, Ann. KRAFT, Richard ; PEARSON, Lisa (eds.)
Photostats. Felix Gonzalez-Torres

An artist whose beautiful, restrained and often mutable works are abundant in compelling contradictions, Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957−1996) was committed to a democratic form of art informed as much by aesthetic and conceptual…

Collected Comics 2011–2020

Amelie von Wulffen’s amazing comics—or ego-comics, as she calls them—gathered for the same time: hilarious, nightmarish, vividly drawn tales from the daily life of a woman artist, depicting social embarrassments, emotional…

The Convent of Pleasure

The Convent of Pleasure is a play written by Margaret Cavendish in 1668. The play is a comedy about noblewomen who choose to retreat to a convent to create their own community in order to avoid the constraints…

BELL, Julia
Radical Attention

Attention pays. In todays online economy it has become a commodity to be bought and sold. Bombarding us with free smartphone apps and news websites, developers and advertisers…

Portraits. John Berger à vol d'oiseau

Ce livre réunit tous les textes de John Berger sur les artistes, et il mérite pour cette seule raison la plus grande attention. Il est, nous dit Tom Overton, comme son autoportrait. Il est, pourrait-on dire aussi, son…

MUGGS, Joe; STEVENS, Brian David (eds.)
Bass, Mids, Tops. An Oral History of the Soundsystem Culture

An oral history of the UK’s soundsystem culture, featuring interviews with Dubmaster Dennis Bovell, Skream, Youth, Norman Jay MBE, Adrian Sherwood, Mala, and others.

SNOW, Michael
Cover to Cover

For years an out-of-print rarity, Michael Snow’s classic artist book Cover to Cover is available once again, in a facsimile edition from Light Industry and Primary Information. Never bound by discipline, Snow…

SYMS, Martine
Shame Space

Shame Space is an artist book that explores the possibilities of narrative and identity. The book collects a selection of journal writings by Syms from 2015-2017 in which she…

TAMAS, Rebecca
Strangers. Essays on the Human and Nonhuman

In Strangers, Rebecca Tamás explores where the human and nonhuman meet, and why this delicate connection just might be the most important relationship of our times.

From ‘On Watermelon’ to ‘On Grief’,…

Vers un nouveau Manifeste

Vers un nouveau manifeste montre Theodor W. Adorno et Max Horkheimer dans un échange d’idées unique, animé et fluide. Ce livre est un compte rendu de leurs discussions pendant trois semaines au printemps 1956,…

TREMBLEY, Nicolas (ed)
Keramikos. Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Natsuko Uchino

The Keramikos book presents front-and-back photographic records of 300 painted pieces that artists Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Natsuko Uchino produced since 2010 - including plates, bowls, pitchers and oil jars. Some objects…

RIVERA, Reynaldo; EL KHOLTI, Hedi (ed.); MACKLER, Lauren (ed.)
Reynaldo Rivera

Amazing photographs by Reynaldo Rivera that document a vanished LA of cheap rent, house parties, subversive fashion, and underground bands, and long-closed gay and transvestite bars.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s,…

XIANG, Zairong
Queer ancient ways

Queer Ancient Ways advocates a profound unlearning of colonial/modern categories as a pathway to the discovery of new forms and theories of queerness in the most ancient of sources (thereby…

Un design de livre systématique

La conception d’un livre suit-elle uniquement un processus logique et réfléchi ? Du choix d’un caractère typographique et de son corps à celui de la disposition des blocs de texte, le designer graphique et typographe suisse…

Le choc du glam

Cette histoire exhaustive du glam rock par l'auteur de Rétromania (Le Mot et le reste) réussit, alors même qu'elle revient sur des artistes des sixties et seventies, à nous propulser dans une réflexion d'une actualité…

The Serving Library – Annual 2020/21 (Objects)

This year’s Annual is published in tandem with a long-term installation of The Serving Library’s collection of (mostly) framed objects at 019, an artist-run space in a former welding factory in Ghent, Belgium.…

Tokyo Papers

A collection of 41 monoprints created by Karel Martens in 2019 and 2020, reproduced on their original size (front and back). Karel Martens: "In 2018 I received a package by mail from Pierre Leguillon with a small pile…

Double Change (eds)
Nioques n°22-23 Nouvelle poésie des États-Unis

Anthologie bilingue, ce numéro double présente une quinzaine de jeunes écrivains oeuvrant dans les poétiques radicales et expérimentales du XXIe siècle, afin d’ausculter la façon dont les formes, les discours et les

Texte Zur Kunst 30/120 The Feminist

“Exactly three decades after the inaugural issue of TZK was published, we return to the question of where the hard-won and still-embattled rights of women* stand. With this issue, entitled ‘The Feminist’, we celebrate…

Les Genres Fluides

Pouvait-on changer de genre au Moyen Âge ? Vivre en homme et devenir sainte ? Naître fille et finir chevalier ? Changer d’habits comme d’identité durant cette période dominée par la chrétienté ?
Pour faire taire les…

Castle Faggot

Castle Faggot is Derek McCormack's darkest and most delicious book yet, a satire of sugary cereals and Saturday morning cartoons set in an amusement park more deranged than anything Disney dreamed up. At the heart…

HOLDER, Will (ed.)
F.R.David (E) Autumn 2020. “Correctional Facility”

So, so thick. 320 pages for this new* F.R.DAVID. “Somebody did some work during the quarantine.” “Very good.” So, E is for Eeyore, aka Bourriquet.

“I stood flapping my arms, first the left and then the…

DE JONG, Jacqueline; DEJEAN, Gallien
Entretien avec Jacqueline de Jong

La vie de Jacqueline De Jong fait penser à un roman : multipliant les expériences professionnelles (assistante de Willem Sandberg, célèbre directeur de musée, l'une des rares femmes de l'International Situationniste, éditrice…

CREASY, Jonathan C. (ed.)
Black Mountain Poems

An essential selection of the poetry of one of the most important twentieth-century creative movements.
Black Mountain College had an explosive influence on American poetry, music, art, craft, dance, and thought;…

SELF, Jack (ed.)
Real Review #10 (Autumn 2020)

We can't go back, but we don't want to. Nor can we go on like this much longer. What will emerge from such a transitional phase, when the civic body is so lacking in health (physical, moral, political and economic)?


Women in Concrete Poetry: 1959-1979

Women in Concrete Poetry: 1959-1979 is expansive anthology focused on concrete poetry written by women in the groundbreaking movement’s early history. It features 50 writers and artists from Europe, Japan, Latin…

BRATTON, Benjamin
Le Stack. Plateformes, logiciels et souveraineté

Qu’est-ce que le Stack ? Une autre façon de concevoir et d’imaginer cette nouvelle réalité qu’est l’Internet. En moins de trois décennies, nos modes de vie et nos rapports de pouvoir ont été bouleversés. Or le réseau des…

Witches, Witch-hunting and Women

We are witnessing a new surge of interpersonal and institutional violence against women, including new witch hunts. This surge of violence has occurred alongside an expansion of capitalist social relations. In this new…

SEME, Astrid
Baroness Elsa's em dashes

The purpose of the em dash is wide-ranging —as an appropriation of silence, as acting dissonance, as interruption, as occupying space. This anthology zooms into the pointed use of em dashes in the poems of pioneering Dadaist…

Feminism, Interrupted

A bold call to seize feminism back from the cultural gatekeepers and return it to its radical roots. In this book Lola Olufemi explores state violence against women, the fight for reproductive justice, transmisogyny, gendered…

I will survive

The positions adopted by Hito Steyerl in her works and texts are of key importance in any consideration of the contemporary role that art and the museum play in society. They are also crucial to experimental forays into…

Men and Apparitions

Meet Ezechiel Hooper Stark, cultural anthropologist and bemused commentator on the contemporary world. Zeke has carved out an academic career studying family photographs, gender and images. Meanwhile – now 38 – he still…

What the Fire Sees

A collection of anti-capitalist poetry, philosophy, cultural analysis, legal studies, manifesto and critique spanning 1996 to the present by Alenka Zupančič, Alexander Kluge, Amy Ireland, Anne Boyer, Aurelia Guo, Bini…

MARTIN, Douglas A.
Outline of My Lover

The twentieth-anniversary edition of an early autofiction classic, first published in 2000. On the fringes of the music scene in a Southern college town, a lonely young student driven to flee a troubled adolescence pursues…

VERGÈS, François
Une théorie féministe de la violence

Le langage officiel à propos de l’égalité hommes-femmes est un répertoire de violences : harcèlement, viol, maltraitance, féminicide. Ces mots désignent une cruelle réalité. Mais n’en dissimulent-ils pas une autre, celle…

RODARI, Gianni; MUNARI, Bruno
Le livre des erreurs


“Pendant plusieurs années je me suis occupé de fautes d’orthographe : d’abord en tant qu’écolier, puis en tant que maître d’école, ensuite comme fabricant de jouets, s’il m’est permis d’appeler…

DIETRICH, Maurin; HASNAY, Gloria (eds.)
Not Working

“[With] the coronavirus crisis, it is impossible to ignore the fact that we have entered an era of unprecedented unemployment and immiseration that has not been seen since the Great Depression.”
—Melanie Gilligan. 


Corona Tales

Chus Martínez started writing these tales as she had been weighing how people and the media were addressing the outbreak of the virus as an unprecedented disaster. Her possible contribution,…

What Comes after Farce?

If farce follows tragedy, what follows farce? Where does the double predicament of a post-truth and post-shame politics leave artists and critics on the left? How to demystify a hegemonic order that dismisses its own contradictions?…

WARK, McKenzie Wark
Sensoria. Thinkers for the Twenty-first Century

As we face the compounded crises of late capitalism, environmental catastrophe and technological transformation, who are the thinkers and the ideas who will allow us to understand the world we live in? McKenzie Wark surveys…

Glitch Feminism. A Manifesto

Simone de Beauvoir said, “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” The glitch announces: One is not born, but rather becomes, a body.

The divide between the digital and the real world no longer…

Serpentine streamer texts

“05.08.1999 Ugh, the old money topic, not again... Too poor for the revolution! No adventure tourism and no weekend campground. Thinking is stupid. We watch TV because we can’t afford the revolution.”


DANY, Hans-Christian
Ode to Routine

The backcover reads: “There is nothing fancier than sit in your kitchen and write.” Damn right! The writings by Hans-Christian Dany collected in this book have titles such as “Burn Money, Burn”; “Subjectivity in the Shadows”;…

ONLI, Meg (cur.)
Colored People Time

Over the year of 2019, the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania presented the experimental exhibition Colored People Time. Organized by Meg Onli and divided into three distinct chapters–Mundane…

Mélancolie postcoloniale

Dans cet essai au verbe acéré, Paul Gilroy dénonce la pathologie néo-impérialiste des politiques mises en œuvre dans les pays occidentaux, sclérosés par les débats sur l’immigration, et propose en retour un modèle de société…

Maison Libre

En 1919, la Société Coopérative d’Habitation Genève rachète 4 hectares de terrains en périphérie de Genève, à Châtelaine et mandate l’architecte…

All Our Suns

The image clippings in All Our Suns are taken from Nicolai’s collection of pictures of outer space printed in daily newspapers.These images suggest a high degree of objectivity, though technological settings as…

Code vestimentaire

Michel Claura : « Étonné par l’intérêt que Sara Martinetti a manifesté pour les activités para artistiques que j’ai déployées peu de temps il y a longtemps, j’en suis arrivé à penser que cela m’intéressait également, ce…

On the wings of hypothesis : collected writings on soviet cinema

This posthumous volume gathers Annette Michelson's erudite and incisive readings of the revolutionary films of Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov, giving readers the opportunity to track her sustained investigations into…

GAVALDON, Sabel Gavaldon; SEGADE, Manuel (eds.)
Elements of Vogue

Bodies are agents and products of history. Bodies are history made flesh, but they are also primary tools for understanding the past, present and future. History is a choreographed sequence of gestures that makes bodies…

Marja Bloem, Krist Gruijthuijsen, Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Sara Martinetti, Jo Melvin (eds)
Seth Siegelaub: Better Read Than Dead. Writings and Interviews 1964–2013

“Better Read Than Dead” was the title that the great American art dealer, curator, author and researcher Seth Siegelaub (1941-2013) had chosen for an anthology of his own writings—one of the projects for which he never…

LE GUIN, Ursula K.
The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

Hacking the linear, progressive mode of the techno-Heroic, the carrier bag theory of human evolution proposes: “before the tool that forces energy outward, we made the tool that brings energy home.” Prior to the preeminence…

LACAVA, Stephanie
The Superrationals

“What is wrong with him?”
I laughed and ran my hand along the searest shelf. There was a wall of philosophy. Christopher had once taken to calling me and Gretchen, Deleuze…

GRAW, Isabelle
In Another World – Notes, 2014–2017

Isabelle Graw manages to capture radical political, social, and cultural changes that have occurred since 2014 in elegantly written observations, analyzing as well how these macro-shifts reach into her own life. She addresses…

ADAMS, Carol J.
The Sexual Politics of Meat. A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory

First published in 1990, The Sexual Politics of Meat is a landmark text in the ongoing debates about animal rights. In the two decades since, the book has inspired controversy and heated debate.
T he Sexual Politics…

ABBOTT, Steve; TOWNSEND, Jamie (ed.)
Beautiful Aliens. A Steve Abbott Reader

Beautiful Aliens: A Steve Abbott Reader is a landmark collection representing the visionary life’s work of beloved Bay Area luminary Steve Abbott. It brings together a broad cross-section of literary and artistic…

RADI, Fabienne
Le déclin du professeur de tennis

Une grande femme laide tombe sous le charme d’un bûcheron à longue chevelure rousse. Un gendarme esthète se prend de passion pour la photographie d’accidents. Deux sœurs luttent contre leur prédisposition aux varices.…