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LUND, Marie
The Falling

The Falling was the title of the exhibition staged at Kunstmuseum St.Gallen in 2021–22 by artist Marie Lund. Following her invitation, artist Frederik Worm documented the project through a series of images, taken…

Mein Album, My Album

The complex, enigmatic work of Meret Oppenheim (1913–85) has lost nothing of its allure in the present day. Much has been written about her career and her art. Yet very little is known about the real person, who always…

TATE, Greg
Flyboy 2
Since launching his career at the Village Voice in the early 1980s Greg Tate has been one of the premiere critical voices on contemporary Black music, art, literature, film, and politics. Flyboy 2 provides…
WEBSTER, Jamieson
Disorganisation & Sex

Never does the patient seem more ill than when they try to order associations into a logical tale. Classical analysis sees this in terms of a repudiation of sexuality: an attempt to avoid speaking…

HOWE, Fanny
London-rose. Beauty Will Save the World

The story of failure asks one question only: What do people who lose do next? “Let the best one win.” War is one way. The other way is religion. Let me at the stakes. It’s so much a matter of…

MILLER, John (ed.)
Weird Woods

Another Tales of the Weird anthology from John Miller, who previously edited Tales of the Tattooed and will publish The Philosophy of Tattoos with the British Library in Autumn 2020. The tales in this…

The All Night Movie

Created by Mary Heilmann in 1999, The All Night Movie beautifully wraps a memoir inside of a monograph, creating an artist book in which each page is designed as though it were a painting. The artist delicately…

ARAEEN, Rasheed; JAMAL, Mahmood (eds.)
Black Phoenix: Third World Perspective on Contemporary Art and Culture

This publication is a compilation of all three issues of the journal Black Phoenix published as a single volume. Edited and published by Rasheed Araeen and Mahmood Jamal between 1978 and 1979 in the United Kingdom, Black…

Ways of Being

Recent years have seen rapid advances in 'artificial' intelligence, which increasingly appears to be something stranger than we ever imagined. At the same time, we are becoming more aware of the other intelligences which…

KUMPF, Lawrence; MAXIN, Tyler (eds)
Blank Forms #08: Jerry Hunt. Transmissions from the Pleroma

This volume represents the first ever book-length collection devoted to the underknown composer's work, and includes a biographical essay by Tyler Maxin and Lawrence Kumpf, interviews with and essays by Jerry Hunt, detailed…

GERRITY, Jeanne; HUBERMAN, Anthony
What happens between the knots? (A Series of Open Questions, vol. 3)

The third volume of the Wattis Institute's annual reader is informed by themes found in the work of Cecilia Vicuña, including ecofeminism, indigenous forms of knowledge, poetry and politics, dissolution and extinction,…

POVINELLI, Elizabeth A.
E-flux journal – Routes & Worlds

Elizabeth Povinelli's anthropology of the otherwise locates itself within forms of life that run counter to dominant modes of being under late settler liberalism. In these essays, she considers the emergence of new worlds…

COLES, Alex; ROSSI, Catharine (eds)
EP Vol. 3 – Post-Craft

The notion of the handmade has shifted from the margins to center stage. Craft's value is increasingly recognized across creative, economic, social, cultural, and political contexts. Owing to dissolving disciplinary boundaries…

After Institutions

Faced with waning state support, declining revenue, and forced entrepreneurialism, museums have become a threatened public space. Simultaneously, they have assumed the role of institutional arbiter in issues of social…

The Cricket. Black Music in Evolution, 1968-69

A complete facsimile of The Cricket, an important but underknown music magazine edited by poets and writers Amiri Baraka, A. B. Spellman, and Larry Neal in 1968–69—a rare document of the Black Arts Movement.

FELDMAN, Rachel (ed)
Writing a Chrysanthemum. The Drawings of Rick Barton

“Rick Barton should have been a San Francisco legend,” declared author and artist Etel Adnan in a 1998 essay. Working primarily in pen or brush and ink in a kaleidoscopic linear style, Barton (1928–92), who was born and…

Queer St Ives and Other Stories

This first ever queer history of St Ives weaves together biography with art and social history to shine new light on a pivotal era in the development of British modernism.
Based on original interviews and previously…

Realty. Beyond the Traditional Blueprints of Art & Gentrification

Based on a long-term program led by KW Berlin curator and writer Tirdad Zolghadr, Realty promotes strategies to overcome contemporary art’s complicity with gentrification, and to instead put the massive leverage and wealth…

VAN DER HEIDE, Yolande Zola Zoli; LE MELLE, Taylor
A Lasting Truth Is Change

Transformative justice movements—including the abolition of the prison system—consistently recognize the power of art. Culture workers simultaneously acknowledge the need to challenge the historical and institutional conditions…

ADNAN, Etel; FOMINAYA, Álvaro Rodríguez; The Otolith Group
Etel Adnan - Behind the Horizon Line

Besides her literary works, the celebrated Lebanese-American poet, essayist, and scholar Etel Adnan (1925–2021) also created visual works such as films, oil paintings, and tapestries. Published in conjunction with the…

Gryczkowska, Agnes (ed)
HR Giger & Mire Lee

Published with an exhibition bringing together the worlds of the late Swiss visionary Hans Ruedi Giger (1940–2014) and South Korean artist Mire Lee, this book beckons towards the darkest aisles of the human body and psyche.…

Stuck on the Platform: Reclaiming the Internet

No matter how hard you try to delete apps from your phone, the power of seduction draws you back. Doom-scrolling is the new normal of a 24/7 online life. Our addiction to large-scale platforms makes us unable to return…

DIMAYUGA, Angela; MISHAN, Ligaya
Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora

*CRAZY GRAPHIC DESIGN ALERT* Filipinx offers 100 deeply personal recipes—many of them dishes that define home for Angela Dimayuga and the more than four million people of Filipino descent in the United States.…

NIANG, Bocar

Un nouveau recueil de texte de Bocar Niang, entre prises de position, liste de prénoms, une démission d'un job et des considérations griottes sur la ville de Paris.

SYMS, Martine
Neural Swamp

Martine Syms’s Neural Swamp is an immersive installation that reflects the artist’s ongoing research into machine systems that erase or exploit Black bodies, voices, and narratives. This multichannel video presentation,…

FISCHLI, Peter; WEISS, David

This artist's book tells the story of Peter Fischli and David Weiss's Snowman, from 1987 to today. It chronicles the sculpture's various stations and development in the form of a wonderfully surprising picture essay. At…

Faux Pas. Écrits et Dessins

Finalement disponible en français ! Traduit – et édité – par Charlotte Houette, François Lancien-Guilberteau et Benjamin Thorel.

Combien pèse une couleur  ? Comment une forme peut-elle être politique  ? Les peintres…

GAMPER, Martino
INNESTO. Rubbing up the wrong treee

Grafting is used when a gardener wants to grow a new branch onto an established plant. The graft can lead the specimen to generate something very different out of its original form. Hollow tubular parts was the starting…

OWENS, Craig
Le discours des autres

Craig Owens (1950-1990) a bouleversé la théorie de l’art en une décennie d’intense travail. À la fin des années 1970, aux États-Unis, il s’engage dans l’aventure intellectuelle postmoderne, en quête d’alternatives à un…

The Serving Library - Annual 2022/23 (Meander)

From the 1960s, Croatian artist Julije Knifer (1924-2004) painted stark, snaking, geometric lines that he called meanders. The monotony and absurdity of this practice, and journaling about his non-progress every day, was…

JEANJEAN, Géraldine

The small French village Aumont, in which Géraldine Jeanjean's grandmother lives, is filled with childhood memories and has been a subject for the photographer's work for many years. Her photos are proof of what her stories…

PREUD'HOMME, Auriane; MAILLET, Roxanne (eds.)
Phylactère #2 : Oh là là !

Phylactère est une revue annuelle à voix multiples, née du désir d’explorer l’écriture de l’oralité et les possibilités de retranscription de performance, à travers des visions authentiques, subjectives et spontanées.…

TORCHIA, Richard; SEE, Zachary (eds)
Photocopier. A Survey of Prints and Books (1974-83)

This catalogue was released in conjounction with the exhibition. Photocopier. A Survey of Prints and Books (1974-83) explores the initial phase of the cross-disciplinary practice of Pati Hill (1921–2014). Untrained…

MILLER, Nicole; MACKLER, Lauren (eds.)
Michael in Black by Nicole Miller

Michael in Black by Nicole Miller focuses on a single sculptural work by artist and filmmaker Nicole Miller: Michael in Black (2018), a bronze cast of Michael Jackson’s kneeling figure, poured from a…

The Window

The title is important. The poem is not the one who dies. You can order the book. Through the window of my bedroom.

God with Revolver

Dédié à l’expérience douloureuse d’un chagrin d'amour, ce recueil semble avoir été écrit dans un souffle. God with Revolver offre un témoignage vibrant du New York des années 1980, et s’adresse aux lecteurs d’aujourd’hui…

This Means Love

As an attempt to rediscover the basics of human connection in these isolated times, Laure Prouvost has developed a new ideographic language called ‘Legsicon’. The aim of Prouvost’s project is to unlearn and relearn language…

SELF, Jack (ed.)
Real Review #12

The people and things we want feel very far away. Everything else feels far too near. Daily life is incorrectly calibrated. Lockdown kept us painfully apart. The virtual keeps us painfully together. Everyone wants the…

SAMMUT, Paul (ed.)
Comic Velocity: HIV and AIDS in Comics

Comic Velocity: HIV and AIDS in Comics, curated by Paul Sammut for Visual AIDS, explores how artists and activists have used comics to create and shape conversations about HIV and AIDS. The exhibition’s title…

BLACK, Hannah
Tuesday or September or The End

The news reported over and over that everyone, every living American, was enraptured by the alien object. There were crowds at Jones Beach and the city had a hectic, anticipatory air, crammed with tourists of all kinds,…

URBONAS, Julijonas (ed.)
* as a Journal #2: Cosmos as a Journal

This second issue of the cultural magazine * as a Journal deals with the subject of space.

In “Cosmos as a Journal," Julijonas Urbonas tells readers about the Lithuanian Space Agency and his project Planet…

Nicole Eisenman

With a body of work that explores a broad spectrum of subjects - from lesbianism and feminism to contemporary politics and the natural world - Nicole Eisenman (b.1965) challenges convention and encourages viewers to construe…

ACKER, Kathy
In Memoriam to Identity

In this characteristically sexy, daring, and hyperliterate novel, Kathy Acker interweaves the stories of three characters who share the same tragic flaw: a predilection for doomed, obsessive love. Rimbaud, the delinquent…

Décor n° 02 – Vulgaire

Après un premier numéro manifeste consacré à la question du décor, ce second opus explore le « vulgaire », mot redoutablement polysémique et politique qui incarne toutes les tensions de notre époque.
À travers des…

HAUSLADEN, Katharina (ed.)
Texte Zur Kunst 32/126 (June 2022) Mourning

The June issue of Texte Zur Kunst is dedicated to the politics of memory and forms of ritualized mourning in art and culture. Rather than focusing on an analysis of an ostensibly universal emotion or general state…

Amor Cringe

Amor Cringe explores the dually base and beautiful aspects of self-obsessed media culture. In a perennial bohemian style, an unnamed, ungendered protagonist travels from coast to coast and affair to affair, stumbling…

RICH, Jeanetta
Black Venus Fly Trap

A shocking debut poetry collection that invites readers to grapple with the origins of a world that both hates and needs Black women. A disruptive hagiography of the Black Venus & Sapphire, mammy bulldaggers, and welfare…

Rooms: Women, Writing, Woolf

Thirty years ago, a professor threw a chair at Sina Queyras after they’d turned in an essay on Virginia Woolf.

Queyras returns to that contentious first encounter with Virignia Woolf to recover the body and thinking…

Moving to the Space of the Picture

‘Moving through the Space of the Picture and the Page’ brings together essays on six contemporary Belgian photobook makers and the way they deal with space, time, movement and surface within the book and within…

Trou Noir #1

Trou Noir ? Une proposition d´expérience politique et charnelle du monde qui, dans ce premier volume, explore les antagonismes internes à notre société : le fascisme de Renaud Camus de sa littérature homosexuelle du Tricks…

PERET, Benjamin
Les Couilles Enragées

Ce conte d'un érotisme frénétique et surréaliste, où perroquets, montres et miroirs sont saisis de furie génésique, a lui-même une drôle d'histoire. Alors qu'il devait paraitre en 1928 chez l'éditeur clandestin René Bonnel,…

MONNIN, Alexandre; LANDIVAR, Diego; BONNET, Emmanuel (eds)
Héritage et fermeture. Une écologie du démantèlement

Le « monde organisé », tramé par l'industrie et le management, menace aujourd'hui de s'effondrer. Alors que les mouvements progressistes rêvent de monde commun, nous héritons de communs bien peu bucoliques : des fleuves…

PETIT, Elodie
Fiévreuse Plébéienne (nouvelle édition)

« On habite ce que l’on peut : la faïence, la baignoire, le hlm, le trottoir, on construit une cabane. Du début à la fin on utilise l’amoure comme survie collective. » Fiévreuse plébéienne est un texte qui interroge la…

SKALI, Ghita
Narrative Machines – Professional magazine of medical fictions

Are there weird questions that have been haunting you all your life? Do you wonder why you pass out each mother in law comes to your place? Do you smell fish when you cook meat? Do you know of miraculous medical machines…

YOON, Seyoung
Cloud Bridge

A combination of a personal memoir with essays on contemporary artists, completed by short pieces of fiction, Cloud Bridge proposes a subjective approach to the South Korean art scene. In the book, Seyoung Yoon…

The Jacques Lacan Foundation

It’s fall (or autumn) 2018. The Trump administration wants to fortify the United States-Mexico border, Robert ‘Beto’ O'Rourke is running for Senate, and British grifter Nicki Smith has just secured a “low-paid glamour…


In 2004, poet Lisa Robertson published a chapbook, Rousseau’s Boat, poems culled from years of notebooks that are, nevertheless, by no means autobiographical. In 2010, she expanded the work into a full-length…

We Are Made of Diamond Stuff

Polar bears emerge from t-shirts. Reeboks come to life. Nothing is normal in the house of Mother Normal.
In Isabel Waidner’s second novel, we follow an unnamed narrator who looks like Eleven from Stranger Things,…

FETZER, Fanni (ed)
Vivian Suter: Bonzo, Tintin & Nina

*WOW* This comprehensive monograph surveys four decades of work by Swiss Argentine artist Vivian Suter (born 1949), from early drawings and her painterly wall reliefs of the 1980s to her recent outdoor installations.

ZÉLY, Eugénie
Thune amertume fortune

Thune Amertume Fortune raconte la possibilité d’une révolution. Eva Sig est pauvre. Elle vit en Vendée. Ses journées sont organisées autour de la nécessité de…

VON WULFFEN, Amelie; KNOLL, Valerie (ed.)
Amelie von Wulffen: Austellung / Exhibitions 2018-22

It is precisely by stylising her work to the point of artifice, von Wulffen saves it from lapsing into any form of confessional or ‘authentic’ painting. For all that the subtexts of her works are permeated by personal…

Calais. Témoigner de la « Jungle » / Testimonies from the ‘Jungle’, 2006–2020

Un livre qui rassemble l’intégralité des photographies réalisées par Bruno Serralongue à Calais sur une période de 15 ans, documentant les conditions de vie des réfugié·es tentant de franchir la Manche pour se rendre en…

DIAMANT, Dora; TRAPP, Antoine (ed.)
Archive Dora Diamant #1

Archive Dora Diamant est une collection de livres ​de photos initiée en 2022 et co-éditée par les éditions l’Amazone. Photographe autodidacte et figure iconique des nuits parisiennes, Dora Diamant a légué des milliers…

State Silk Museum Tbilisi (ed.)
SERI(a) 1: The Silk Museum

SERI(a) 1: The Silk Museum is the first in the State Silk Museum’s new series of eponymous publications. Historically, the museum’s predecessor—the Caucasian Sericulture Station—was a space for scientific research…

DA COSTA, Valérie
Paul Thek en Italie / Paul Thek in Italy (1962-1976)

Un essai sur la période italienne de l’artiste américain Paul Thek – qui a profondément influencé son imaginaire et son œuvre. De 1962 à 1976, Thek voyage en Italie : à Rome, il découvre la sculpture antique, les réalisations…

Réenchanter le monde

Silvia Federici pré­sente une his­toire cri­ti­que de la poli­ti­que des com­muns dans une pers­pec­tive fémi­niste! De son vécu au Nigeria et de ses ren­contres avec des mili­tan­tes d’Amérique latine et du monde entier,…

Rip It Up

Kou Machida is a punk singer who turned to poetry and fiction after releasing one of the seminal Japanese punk albums with his band INU.

Set in a kaleidoscopic hyperreal Japan circa Y2K, Rip It Up catalogues…

MOORE, Alan W.
Art Worker: Doing Time in the New York Artworld

The long rolling crescendo of Art Worker comes in Alan W. Moore’s discussion of the expansive art scene around Collaborative Projects (Colab) that had its heyday from 1977 to the mid-1980s. Colab, situated in…

Faster than an Erection

HOT STUFF just in !
Faster Than An Erection is a chapter from Maybury’s upcoming book. Published in conjunction with the homonymous exhibition at MACRO, it lays out Her methodology as an Artist and Dominatrix…

RASMUSSEN, Mikkel Bolt
Late Capitalist Fascism

What if fascism didn't disappear at the end of WW II with the defeat of Hitler and Mussolini? Even more troubling, what if fascism can no longer be confined to political parties or ultra nationalist politicians but has…

Gay Bar

From leather parties in the Castro to Gay Liberation Front touch-ins; from disco at Studio One to dark rooms in Vauxhall railway arches, the gay bar has long been a place of joy, solidarity and sexual expression. But around…

COOPER, Dennis

Dennis Cooper’s previous four novels–Closer, Frisk, Try, and Guide–have established him as a completely unique, fearlessly radical voice in contemporary American fiction. Charting a path of exploration…

ACKER, Kathy
Don Quixote

Kathy Acker’s Don Quixote is an indomitable woman on a formidable quest: to become a knight and defeat the evil enchanters of modern America by pursuing “the most insane idea that any woman can think of. Which…

JAMES, Sarah E.
Paper Revolutions

In Paper Revolutions, Sarah James offers a radical rethinking of experimental art in the former East Germany (the GDR). Countering conventional accounts that claim artistic practices in the GDR were isolated and…

(Nothing but) Flowers

or rather
Paintings and
of Flowers
by Artists such as:
Gertrude Abercrombie
Marina Adams
Henni Alftan
Ed Baynard
Nell Blaine

ECHARD, Mimosa

Dans la pratique artistique de Mimosa Echard, les éléments de la culture pop et du monde du vivant s'articulent en composant des ensembles vibrants et sensuels. À travers ses vastes compositions, l'artiste explore les…

SOLANAS, Valerie
Up Your Ass

The play, whose full title is Up Your Ass Or From the Cradle to the Boat Or The Big Suck Or Up from the Slime, marches out a cast of screwy stereotypes: the unknowing john, the frothy career girl, the boring male…

Logique du Genre

Qu’est-ce que le genre dans le capitalisme contemporain ? C’est à cette question qu’invite à répondre ce recueil, à partir d’une démarche théorique inspirée du féminisme et du marxisme. Il s’agit de penser, depuis une…

Tom of Finland. AllTogether

On the occasion of Tom of Finland’s birthday (8th May), in the spring of 2022 Tom of Finland Foundation and The Community have curated a group exhibition, supported by Diesel, presenting Tom of Finland Foundation’s permanent…

GAMPER, Martino
The Arnold Circus Stool

FUN & SMART. Martino Gamper is a designer based in London. Arnold Circus is situated in the heart of Shoreditch. Built on the rubble of the old slums it is part of the Boundary Estate, London’s first social housing project,…


A body of work from Íris Erlings made in 2019. Verk is an Icelandic word with triple meaning; the act of work, the creation from working and composition. These ten meticulously detailed drawings stem from digital collages…

Something Close to Music. Late Art Writings, Poems, and Playlists

This book places poetry by Ashbery, gathered from his later collections, in conversation with a selection of contemporaneous art writing. In addition, as Ashbery loved music and listened to it while writing, the “playlists”…

These Birds of Temptation

intercalations 6 ... is a queer refrain, populated with both acoustical lines of flight and the sorrows of captivity, wherein the reader-as-exhibition-viewer learns that the adventure of ornithology is as preoccupied with…

STÜRZL, Robert
Hans-Walter Müller et l’Architecture vivante

Construite sur des discussions avec l’architecte & ingénieur civil Hans-Walter Müller, et sur des photographies, dessins et documents issus de ses archives, cette publication propose une formidable vue d’ensemble sur les…

THOMAS, Apollo
Mecha Sakura

"I wanted to portray the story of a strong female character, a dystopian laboratory subject who breaks free from chains thanks to her inner magical strenght and recoonect with nature.
This project combines elements…

DELLA NOCE, Elio; MURARI, Lucas (eds.)
Expanded Nature. Écologies du cinéma expérimental

Apposer des fleurs sur la pellicule, ensevelir le film, inventer des dispositifs d'observation, laisser la caméra être affectée par les forces naturelles, engager son corps filmant dans une relation symbiotique avec le…

TSW, Cleo (ed.)

What draws ‘affect’ into ‘form’ becomes a matter of ‘concern’, she believed.

OC I is a study of narration distinctive in their visual form — lexicons, lists, lyrics, collages, comics, essays,…

Dossier Scriptorium de Toulouse

Au cours de ses quarante années d’existence, le Scriptorium de Toulouse a formé de nombreux créateurs de caractères et calligraphes parmi lesquels François Boltana, Rodolphe Giuglardo, Franck Jalleau, Claude Mediavilla,…

MALZ, Isabelle; SIEGERT, Nadine (eds.)
The Mbari Artists and Writers Club in Ibadan

This book aims to reactivate the archival material by Ulli Beier, co-founder of the Black Orpheus Magazine and the Mbari Clubs in Nigeria in the early 1960s. To better understand the formation of modernities from…

HEUGUET, Guillaume (ed.)

La consommation domestique de musique pour chiller est devenue omniprésente. Des chaînes ou playlists YouTube / Spotify dédiées rassemblent des millions d’auditeur·ices, qui vont des jeunes passionné·es de jeux…

36 Slides (1986–1990)

“The images that comprise this book come from two sheets of slides that I have held onto for almost thirty years now. . . . Over that time I have projected them in talks I gave here and there, although never a talk deveoted…


TREASURE! The facsimile of Desiderata, a collection of Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s poetry, photos, and diaristic fragments from her visit to New York City in the Winter of 1977. Only eighteen at the time, Descloux…

Les intelligences particulières. Enquête sur les maisons hantées

Les habitants des maisons hantées s’inquiètent des présences invisibles qui troublent leur quotidien. Il leur arrive de demander de l’aide pour qualifier ces inquiétantes apparitions. En Angleterre,…

COLOMNA, Beatriz; GALÁN, Ignacio; G.; KOTSIORIS, Evangelos; MEISTER, Anna-Maria (eds.)
Radical Pedagogies

In the decades after World War II, new forms of learning transformed architectural education. These radical experiments sought to upend disciplinary foundations and conventional assumptions about the nature of architecture…

GUSTON, Philip
I Paint What I Want to See

How does a painter see the world? Philip Guston, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, spoke about art with unparalleled candour and commitment. Touching on work from across his career as well as…

SHIELDS, Scott A.; BRIEL, Mariah Carmen
The Candy Store

Adeliza McHugh helped put the whimsical, funky, and irreverent aesthetic of California’s Central Valley on the art-historical map at her legendary Candy Store Gallery, which she opened in Folsom, California, in 1962. The…

SHAW, Lytle
Un énoncé surpris par hasard

Lorsqu’Allen Ginsberg s’enregistre sur un magnétophone et capte fortuitement des émissions de radio, le souffle du vent et des conversations, des agents du FBI et de la CIA l’écoutent, à la recherche d’aveux involontaires.…

GUO, Aurelia
World of Interiors

In World of Interiors I use collage and appropriation to destabilise the first-person ‘I’. I also write directly about the inescapable condition of being perceived and positioned by other people. Our lives take…

VUONG, Ocean
Time is a Mother

It’s been a long time since my body.
Unbearable, I put it down
on the earth the way my old man
rolled dice. It’s been a long time since
time. But I had weight back there [...]


Feminicide and Global Accumulation

Feminicide and Global Accumulation brings us to the frontlines of an international movement of Black, Indigenous, popular, and mestiza women’s organizations fighting against violence—interpersonal, state…