March 10 2018 06:00PM
"Flurry" F.R.David #15
Presentation of “Flurry,” the 15th issue of F.R.DAVID, with a talk and reading by editor Will Holder. “Flurry” came about after being asked to propose ten books for acquisition by the Rietveld Academy library, Amsterdam;…
January 19 2018 06:00PM
Pasolini’s Bodies and Places

Ciao ragazzi! Join us for the launch of a very special publication by Edition Patrick Frey, and a maybe spectacular 3-days’ film projection on our windows. Hosted by Benedikt Reichenbach, who put the book back on our memories…

January 17 2018 06:00PM
Croissant. A timely selection for KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin

If / When in Berlin. We have made a tailored selection of 50-some titles for KW, most beloved art venue in town. The books will be presented, updated, shifted…

December 17 2017 04:00PM
Dodie Bellamy & Kevin Killian: Writers Who Love Too Much

Join us for a Sunday tea and cake conversation with Dodie Bellamy & Kevin Killian - in Paris for the first time ! - and their new book by Nightboat - gluten-free welcome !

November 24 2017 07:00PM
Design Graphique, les formes de l'histoire

publié par B42 - coédition Cnap — Centre national des arts plastiques.
En présence de André Baldinger, Philippe Millot et Catherine de Smet.
Cet ouvrage rassemble une série de contributions qui posent la question…

November 2 2017 07:00PM
Stone Theatre by Camila Sposati: booklaunch

Anatomical Theatre of the Earth was a wooden construction based on the form of a small circular arena with the stage in the center and around it the seats for the audience watching the scenic performances. In form and…

October 17 2017 06:00PM
In it for the money

Best books in best art fair. Come by & buy !

Paris Internationale 2017
October 18–22
11, Rue Beranger
75003 Paris

Public opening hours:
Wed, Oct. 18 to Sat, Oct. 21: 12pm—8pm

October 6 2017 06:00PM
F.R.David, 'Recognition' → chez TREIZE rue Moret, Paris

Book launch and performance with Will Holder and Scott Rogers, co-editor for this issue. ALPTRUTh: Techniques for Situational Awareness is a performance that examines the intricacies and intimacies of backcountry…

July 12 2017 06:00PM
Alberto Garcia del Castillo and Steev Lemercier: Merman

Merman is a queer travelogue of a boating voyage on Belgium’s inland waterways with merman and singer Steev Lemercier in the company of Chanel and Dolce, who are a cat and a dog, during the first months of their friendship…

July 7 2017 07:00PM
Marie Lund: Scout

with a text by Jesper List Thomsen; 
designed and edited by Åbäke; 
published by MIDI/Mousse. 

Reading of “Avoiding the Genius” by Jesper List Thomsen.

June 30 2017 06:00PM
Jean-Michel Wicker: #picturebook1

artist’s book, offset, 27 × 28.5 cm, 396 pages, including 360 pages in colour and 36 pages in black on LuxoArt Silk 150 g/m2 paper, glossy colour cover, LuxoArt Silk 350 g/m2, 10 inserts, colour, 26.5 × 28 cm, LuxoArt…

June 23 2017 06:00PM
David Antin: Essais Choisis
Chers amis, nous vous invitons à découvrir - et à emporter, comme bien plus qu'une lecture de plage - la traduction française d'une large sélection d’articles initialement publiés dans des catalogues ou des revues américaines…
May 5 2017 06:00PM
Michael Van den Abeele: Forked Apologies

book launch and reading, with Michael Van den Abeele.
The sign on the door says
You can keep your weapons but Leave your careers outside
Inside a heartwarming brunch is hosted Almost…

April 1 2017 05:00PM
Julie Bena: It Needed to be Tender and to be Whipped

book launch by Julie Béna.
Béna's practice mostly enfolds in performance and sculpture. However, this collection of poems, essays, film and theater scripts wind around her visual art work.

March 24 2017 06:00PM
Karel Martens: MOTION

Book launch and screening, with Karel Martens, Julie Peeters, and Chris Fitzpatrick!

He is back! So happy to host living legend typographer and book magician Karel Martens, in conversation with designer Julie Peeters…

March 9 2017 06:00PM
The World in Which We Occur

The World in Which We Occur is an event series co-led by Margarida Mendes and Jennifer Teets, taking place live over the telephone, and formulated around questions addressed by speakers across the world. Embarking on modern…

February 27 2017 06:00PM
"Inverted Commas" F.R.David ",D"

‘Inverted Commas’ is the 13th issue of the journal F.R.DAVID. Books launch, Singing, Reading wih Will Holder and Riet Wijnen at The Community!
This issue departs from Riet…

February 24 2017 06:05PM
Lisa Robertons: 3 Summers

Book launch and reading from her lates book of poetry, with poet Lisa Robertson


   The Seam
   On Form
   On Physical Real Beginning and
        What Happens…

January 27 2017 06:00PM
Evelyn Taocheng Wang: Unintended Experience: a job in Amsterdam

“I said: sir, her name is Tao. She is an artist who only paints sublime churchy subjects, and sir, if someone who has already become an artist, she cannot do anything else anymore in her life, and she is useless in reality…

November 19 2016 07:00PM
Jessica Warboys: Hill of Dreams

Hill of Dreams, a book and a film by Jessica Warboys
The film Hill of Dreams takes the fantastical semi-autobiographical novel of the same name written by Arthur Machen in 1907 as a point of reference for…

November 10 2016 11:00AM
Offprint Paris 2016

On sera là cette semaine at Offprint Paris !
best books in best book fair // Come see us at fancy ENSBA for better wallpapers and expensive macarons.

Avec A.R.T. Press,…

October 13 2016 12:39PM
Paris Internationale 2016

will be selling books & records on the 2nd floor at

October 1 2016 12:43PM
Louis Lüthi: The Preparator

a book by Kasper Andreasen & Louis Lüthi
a gallery-based introspective journey through a XVIII century drawing treatise, lössnus, and the network of cracks in a ceiling.

The Preparator…

September 10 2016 07:00PM
Richard Dailey: Unplugged Yellow

a book by Richard Dailey

1979-80 on the Lower East Side: Artists, collectors and punks in a 1979-80 novel about a love triangle on the Lower East Side, Haiti, Paris and Timbuktu.

July 23 2016 01:37PM
Two Slideshows ~ Ian Burns et al.

Nicholas Tammens: Two Slideshows as a part of Ian Burn et al.
A research query focusing on the legacy of Australian artist Ian Burn (1939-1993), and the work of his network of peers.

Today we will be showing…

July 9 2016 06:00PM
Soleil Politique

Book launch & conversation with Pierre Bal-Blanc & the editorial staff of Paraguay Press.

June 25 2016 06:00PM
Cléa n°1 (Davide Cascio & Michaël Sellam)

Présentation et lectures avec France Valliccioni, Renaud Bezy, David Blair et Benjamin Rondeau.

Avec les contributions de : Julien Audebert, Andrea Aversa, Sam Basu, Tristan Bera, Stéphane Bérard, Patxi Bergé,…

June 18 2016 06:00PM
Matthew Lutz-Kinoy: To Satisfy the Rose

OMG !! Matthew Lutz-Kinoy installs a wave tunnel at Section 7 Books .
We will witness the artist's book launch, featuring recent ceramics from the exhibition "To Satisfy The Rose" with photographs by Rob Kulisek,…

June 5 2016 01:55PM
After 8 Books at Occidental Temporay

books in a room - by Section 7 Books
at Occidental Temporary
$€£ bring your cash ! $€£


April 20 2016 06:00PM
Dena Yago: The Sitter

The Sitter
Dog sitter arrives in in a dog park with two French bulldogs on a split leash. The dogs
have signs hanging from their necks that say “Licensed Therapy Animal.”

TS: How can you stand sitting…

April 17 2016 02:00PM
Ben Kinmont: Antinomian Press

Welcome to the Antinomian Press. A talk by Ben Kinmont; a presentation of various catalogues, books, multiples, and broadsides published by the Antinomian Press; and a new live…

April 15 2016 07:00PM
Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet: Spectacles sans objet

Qui a inventé la performance artistique ?
les puritains anglais en 1642 ?
les élèves révolutionnaires de Jacques Louis David ? les mystérieux saint-simoniens ?

1642, Oxford. Le parlement décide…

April 9 2016 06:00PM
Yuji Agematsu: ZIP: 01–01–14…12–31–14

It must be a difficult step for any artist to decide to work with trash, to take it, with all its rigid contrivances, folly, and lapses in taste, at all seriously. But Agematsu overthrows the genre with his free-wheeling…