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BENNETT, Guy; MOUSLI, Beatrice BENNETT, Guy; MOUSLI, Beatrice Charting the Here of There Granary Books Poetry / Anthologies 20€ 20€
BERRIGAN, Ted BERRIGAN, Ted An annotated Checklist Granary Books Monographs / Artists' Books 35€ 35€
BERRIGAN, Ted; PADGETT, Ron BERRIGAN, Ted; PADGETT, Ron Bean Spasm Granary Books Poetry / Artists' Books 48€ 48€
BRAINARD, Joe BRAINARD, Joe I Remember [Granary Books] Granary Books 2020 Literature / Artists' Books / Facsimile & Reprints 18€ 18€
CLAY, Steven; PHILLIPS, Rodney CLAY, Steven; PHILLIPS, Rodney A Secret Location on The Lower East Side Granary Books Essays / Book Culture / Art History 35€ 35€
DRUCKER, Johanna DRUCKER, Johanna The century of artists’ books Granary Books Book Culture / Artists' Books 35€ 35€
ELMSLIE, Kenward ELMSLIE, Kenward Nite Soil Granary Books Monographs / Artists' Books 35€ 35€
HELICZER, Piero HELICZER, Piero A Purchase in the White Botanica Granary Books Monographs / Artists' Writings / Poetry 20€ 20€
PADGETT, Ron; WINKFIELD, Trevor PADGETT, Ron; WINKFIELD, Trevor Do the Math Granary Books 2015 Monographs / Artists' Books 25€ 25€
SANDERS, Ed SANDERS, Ed A Book of Glyphs Granary Books Poetry / Artists' Books 30€ 30€
SMITH, Jack SMITH, Jack The Beautiful Book Granary Books Artists' Books 500€ 500€