zweikommasieben #19

Featuring interviews with Cam Deas, Caterina Barbieri, Die Wilde Jagd, Gaika, Hdmirror, Kali Malone, Michele Rizzo, Parris, and rkss; a portrait of Efdemin; an essay on “Radio Spectral” by Francois J. Bonnet as well as a photo essay on the Rhizom Festival; regular columns like Anna Froelicher’s “Track Down Fiction” (text), Georg Gatsas’ “We Are Time” (photos) or Simian Keiser’s “Sound Texts” (poetry); contributions by Collapsing Market, Félicia Atkinson, and Wolf Eyes.

Published by Präsens Editionen, 2019
Design by Präsens Büro
Music & Sound / Periodicals

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ZWEIKOMMASIEBEN (ed.) - zweikommasieben #19