KHO, Tjobo
this bony theatre

Before she asked me if i could sing two notes at the same time i was already there for some time. After giving it some thought I said no. The next moment I caught myself leaning into the unfamiliar sound that was coming from all the different passengers departing, arriving, chatting. As if my body temperature recalibrated to a cold gust of wind, I preceived this made up sound in between a variety of sources and directions—something ambiguous. Wavelengths being multiplied, adjusted, scaled, rewired, clashing.

The closer I lean into this unfamiliarity, the closer I come to understanding this cacophony of sounds that resemble a variety of languages, perceptions, and movements. I feel the reference point of my own language slowly shifting into a negative space, manifesting new infrastructures where there is no center.

[publisher's note]

Published by Werkplaats Typografie / no kiss?, 2021
Design by Tjobo Kho
Artists' Books / Graphic Design

Price: 7€

KHO, Tjobo - this bony theatre