ABLOH, Virgil
The Incidents. "Insert Complicated Title Here"

Audience: Hey, Virgil. A quick question. Yes or no, real quick: can you sign my shoes after this?
Virgil Abloh: I've got to leave in 10 minutes, but I'll do it.
Audience: Right now? Okay, I'll walk up.
Virgil Abloh: You've got to throw it. You have to throw it from there, and I have to catch it. If I don't catch it... I'll take five shoes.
Audience [audience starts throwing shoes and rushing the podium]
Virgil Abloh: Somebody make a video of this...

Published by Harvard University Graduate School of Design / Sternberg Press, 2018
Design by Åbäke
Education / Fashion / Graphic Design

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ABLOH, Virgil - The Incidents.