The Daily Bread

The Daily Bread is a collection of beginnings. It stems from Dépense Défensive’s residency at Le Petit Versailles community garden on the Lower East Side, between the 2nd and the 17th of August, 2018. Everyday, the artists would choose, print, and read out loud the first chapter of a book: through the words of Emily Dickinson and Sun Tzu, Auguste Blanqui and Jean Genet, the readings allowed a multiplicity of encounters, and initiated a community, around issues of production, disobedience, and “availability.” The book gathers and archives those fifteen chapters, along with pictures documenting performances and installations, expanding the project and extending its reach.

Published by Dépense Défensive, 2018
Artists' Books / Literature

Price: 10€

DÉPENSE DÉFENSIVE (ed.) - The Daily Bread