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Robot is a virtual band founded by artists Takuji Kogo and John Miller in 2003. Their songs use personal ads and more recently other found texts as lyrics. Their fully synthetic music features electronically produced vocals and instrumentation. Karaoke-style videos that the artists post online accompany their songs. Singles Collection is Robot’s first full-length LP. [publisher’s note]

“Robot treats each ad with a dry humor and a modicum of sympathy while simultaneously pointing to the saturation of consumerism into our deepest emotional spaces and into our psychology, individual and cultural. The pieces operate as music videos, as short stories, and as meditations on looking for love in print, online, in person, and in your head today.”
— Lauren Cornell (Chief Curator, Hessel Museum of Art)

Published by Small World, 2021
LPs & EPs / Music & Sound

Price: 20€

ROBOT - Singles Collection