HUNTER, Alexis; McCRORY, Sarah (ed.); HOARE, Natasha (ed.)
Sexual Warfare

Sexual Warfare presents key work by Alexis Hunter (1948–2014) made between 1968–86. The first solo presentation of Hunter’s work in the UK since 2006, and in London since 1981, the exhibition brings her acerbic critique into dialogue with the contemporary moment and reinforces her importance both as an artist and a feminist.

An influential figure in the Women’s Art Movement in Britain in the 1970s, Hunter is best known for her staged photographic works in which she used the medium as a tool to manipulate normative power dynamics within society through gender role-play and fetishised objects. Her images draw upon the violence within capitalism’s abuse of gender stereotypes and sexuality for the pursuit of profit. As feminist discourse is reactivated with new concerns, and victims are presently afforded a visible platform, revisiting Hunter’s work after some four decades highlights a corresponding energy, anger and strength. [publisher’s note] 

With essays by Althea Greenan and Amy Tobin.

Published by Goldsmiths Press, 2019
Design by Kristin Metho
Monographs / Feminism

Price: 36€

HUNTER, Alexis; McCRORY, Sarah (ed.); HOARE, Natasha (ed.) - Sexual Warfare