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BAUER, Petra; KIDNER, Dan (eds.) BAUER, Petra; KIDNER, Dan (eds.) Working Together: Notes on British Film Collectives in the 1970s Focal Point Gallery Essays / Film & Video / Art Spaces 20€ 20€
BAUER, Ute Meta et al. BAUER, Ute Meta et al. Verksted #05-06 - Travelogue: Gâp Ha Nôi/Transbord – Rájis Rádjái OCA Periodicals / Postcolonial Studies 10€ 10€
BYARS, James Lee BYARS, James Lee I Cancel all my Works at Death MOCA Detroit Monographs 35€ 35€
CLARK, George; KIDNER, Dan; RICHARDS, James CLARK, George; KIDNER, Dan; RICHARDS, James A Detour Around Infermental Focal Point Gallery Essays / Film & Video 15€ 15€
KAISER, Philipp; KWON, Miwon (curs.) KAISER, Philipp; KWON, Miwon (curs.) Ends of the Earth: Art of the Land to 1974 MOCA Exhibition Catalogues / Art History 58€ 58€
KUZMA, Marta (ed.) KUZMA, Marta (ed.) Big Sign - Little Building OCA / Koenig Books Essays / Architecture 30€ 30€
LEAVITT, William LEAVITT, William Theater Objects MOCA Monographs 45€ 45€
NELSON, Mike NELSON, Mike An Invocation Focal Point Gallery Monographs / Artists' Books / Book Culture 50€ 50€
OELBAUM, Yair; ALTHOFF, Kai OELBAUM, Yair; ALTHOFF, Kai There Will Be Buried Focal Point Gallery Monographs / Performance 15€ 15€
SALA, Anri SALA, Anri Purchase not by Moonlight MoCA North Miami & CAC Cincinnati Monographs 30€ 30€
VONNA-MICHELL, Tris VONNA-MICHELL, Tris Capitol Complex - Ulterior Vistas Focal Point Gallery 2013 Artists' Books / LPs & EPs / Monographs 35€ 35€