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ASHLEY, Mike (ed.) ASHLEY, Mike (ed.) From the Depths and Other Strange Tales of the Sea British Library 2018 Literature / Science/Fiction 14€ 14€
ASHLEY, Mike (ed.) ASHLEY, Mike (ed.) Queens of the Abyss. Lost Stories from the Women of the Weird British Library 2020 Literature / Science/Fiction 15€ 15€
BARTHOLOMEW, Henry (ed.) BARTHOLOMEW, Henry (ed.) Dangerous Dimensions. Mind-Bending Tales of the Mathematical Weird British Library 2021 Science/Fiction 13€ 13€
BLACKWOOD, Algernon BLACKWOOD, Algernon The Whisperers and Other Stories. A Lifetime of the Supernatural British Library 2022 Anthologies / Literature 20€ 20€
BURZ-LABRANDE, Manon (ed.) BURZ-LABRANDE, Manon (ed.) Spectral Sounds. Unquiet Tales of Acoustic Weird British Library 2022 Literature / Science/Fiction 13€ 13€
BUTCHER, Daisy (ed.) BUTCHER, Daisy (ed.) Evil Roots. Killer Tales of the Botanical Gothic British Library 2019 Literature / Essays 14€ 14€
LOCK, Pam (ed.) LOCK, Pam (ed.) Dead Drunk British Library 2023 Literature 14€ 14€
MANWARING, Kevan (ed.) MANWARING, Kevan (ed.) Heavy Weather. Tempestuous Tales of Stranger Climes British Library 2021 Literature 13€ 13€
MILLER, John (ed.) MILLER, John (ed.) Weird Woods. Tales from the Haunted Forests of Britain British Library 2020 Literature 14€ 14€
MILLER, John (ed.) MILLER, John (ed.) Tales of the Tattooed. An Anthology of Ink British Library 2019 Anthologies / Literature / Science/Fiction 15€ 15€
PARSONS, Joanne Ella (ed.) PARSONS, Joanne Ella (ed.) Doomed Romances. Strange Tales of Uncanny Love British Library 2024 Anthologies / Literature / Science/Fiction / Love 15€ 15€
RICHMOND, Alasdair (ed.) RICHMOND, Alasdair (ed.) Roads of Destiny. And Other Tales of Alternative Histories and Parallel Realms British Library 2023 Anthologies / Science/Fiction / Literature 15€ 15€
RIDDELL, Charlotte RIDDELL, Charlotte Haunted Houses [Charlotte Ridell] British Library 2021 Literature 12€ 12€
STUBBS, Zara-Louise (ed.) STUBBS, Zara-Louise (ed.) The Uncanny Gastronomic. Strange Tales of the Edible Weird British Library 2023 Literature / Food Culture 15€ 15€
VERNON, Lee VERNON, Lee A Phantom Lover British Library 2020 Literature 13€ 13€
WEATHLEY, Michael (ed.) WEATHLEY, Michael (ed.) The Horned God. Weird Tales of the Great God Pan British Library 2022 Literature 13€ 13€
WORTH, Aaron (ed.) WORTH, Aaron (ed.) The Night Wire and other Tales of Weird Media British Library 2022 Literature 15€ 15€