DIETRICH, Maurin; HASNAY, Gloria (eds.)
Not Working

“[With] the coronavirus crisis, it is impossible to ignore the fact that we have entered an era of unprecedented unemployment and immiseration that has not been seen since the Great Depression.”
—Melanie Gilligan. 

Not Working brings together the contributions by artists, theorists and writers who in their work examine the interdependence of artistic production and social class. A reader published in conjunction with the 2020 exhibition, Not Working—Artistic Production and Matters of Class at Kunstverein München, it comprises a conversation between artist Melanie Gilligan and theoretician Marina Vishmidt, an essay by artist and W.A.G.E. founder Lise Soskolne about the paradoxes of art school demands and the reality of working as an artist, a letter by Dung Tieu Thi Phuon / Sung Tieu written to the character she had played in a TV series, more texts by Leander Scholz, Steven Warwick, Mahan Moalemi, Stephan Janitzky & Laura Ziegler as well as reprints of writings by artists Annette Wehrmann and Josef Kramhöller. Disclaimer: Not Working doesn’t deal with the refusal to work. 

Published by Archive Books / Kunstverein München, 2020
Design by Enver Hadzijaj
Anthologies / Essays / Artists' Writings / Art Theory / Economy / Politics

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DIETRICH, Maurin; HASNAY, Gloria (eds.) - Not Working