Landscape Plus

Landscape Plus is the first monograpy on the work of the Spanish-born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker Laida Lertxundi, published in collaboration with fluent.

With essays by Erika Balsom, Anna Mannubens, Laida Lertxundi, and Alejandro Alonso Díaz this book explores the wider practice of the artist, featuring a number of premiered visuals, plus sets of images illustrating her exhibitions, projects, and works. For the first time since Lertxundi began making films, a publication maps her overall practice and allows for enhanced readings that navigate around film-theory, feminism, and subjectivity. As a whole, the book intends to present an essential constellation of Lertxundi’s universe. [publisher's note] 

Published by Mousse Publishing, 2019
Monographs / Film & Video

Price: 22€

LERTXUNDI, Laida - Landscape Plus