A small book, realized with HIT Studio, Berlin, documents 1NVERS1ONS. Photographs of Mauss’ live ballet are printed directly over the pages of an earlier book by the same title, realized as part of Mauss’ exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall in 2013, in which drawings and text “…touch upon and merge with a re-figured, or derailed, transposition of the short-lived militant homosexual magazine Inversions (Paris, 1924-1925) interspersed with digital translations of the study Raoul Dufy: L'Oeuvre en soie, Logique d'un oeuvre ornamental industriel to create a narrative, broken poem laced with impenetrable passages,” (Bergen Kunstall). Bracketed by texts originally performed by Kim Gordon and Juliana Huxtable, the direct superimposition of the unraveling ballet 1NVERS1ONS over the pre-existing book 1NVERS1ONS presents a simultaneity of “liveness” through the intertwined layering of text, drawings, and photographs. [publisher's note]

Published by Bergen Kunsthall, 2014
Design by HIT

Price: 16€