ANDREASEN, Kasper (ed.)
Flip. About Image Construction

A catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name, held at KASK, Ghent in March 2018 and curated by Kasper Andreasen. The exhibition focused on displaying a temporary archive of artists’ books parallel to more than a dozen filmic works. Alongside the film and video works in the exhibition, artists’ books from the KASK collection (Kunstenbibliotheek) were shown as well as selections by 4 book collectors and publishers. The term “Flip” associatively refers to the performative gesture of leafing through a book but also to notions of image sequences, reversal (printing), the flipbook, as well as the use of text and images in both books and video works. [publisher's note]

Flip. About Image Construction is the follow-up of Andreasen’s Copy Construct.

Published by Art Paper Editions, 2018
Exhibition Catalogues / Graphic Design

Price: 10€

ANDREASEN, Kasper (ed.) - Flip. About Image Construction