The first monograph on the work of NYC-based artist Leidy Churchman—whose paintings are amazing, and who also makes astounding videos—with essays by Manuela Ammer, John Kelsey, and Lanka Tattersall.

Here’s a quote from a 2015 interview between the artist and Michele d’Aurizio: “I think Pizza Box is a good piece that you brought up for this question. ‘Your Freshly Baked Pizza’ it says, with creamy white and forest green—so bold and secure. Painting is in fact a delivery—right to you. I love that simple arrangement. ‘Here’. Finding the way for something to fit inside—framing—is my biggest concern. To me it’s like making the bed. How can the picture get tucked in? [...]”

Published by Dancing Foxes, 2013
Design by Ginger Brooks Takahashi

Price: 22€

CHURCHMAN, Leidy - Emergency