Drawings August 2018

The world finds its way into my studio, smuggled in bit-by-bit through found shards of metal and broken plastic. The seismic fracture of this residuum continually orients itself along the lines of the world’s own axes’, a baseline of sky and ocean, haptic thresholds recreated within an endlessly self-replicating painterly pictorial language.

Drawing fuels a specific feedback loop within this activity. A fine thread weaving through my paintings and sculptures, drawing unfolds lived impressions, and through this process, generates new linear expressions. At other times drawing facilitates observational investigations made in response to my sculptures themselves, a translation of a translation.

The following book, Drawings August 2018, presents the work from a sketchbook in the order and scale in which it was originally drawn.

- Erik Lindman, 2019

With a text from Clément Rodzielski.

Published by Hassla, 2019
Monographs / Artists' Books

Price: 27€

LINDMAN, Erik - Drawings August 2018