LUSSI, Martina
Diffusion Is a Force

A1 Black Opium 1:57
A2 Care 2:29
A3 Higher Energy 4:44
A4 Expectation Or Obsession 3:08
A5 Interlude 3:40
B1 Classic Intense 3:43
B2 Anarchy For Her 5:02
B3 Movement In Mono (Stereomix) 5:16
B4 Opening 3:25

Martina Lussi’s second album fuses together disparate sound sources with a disorienting quality that reflects the modern climate of dispersion and distraction.

The range of tools at her disposal spans field recordings, processed instrumentation, synthesised elements and snatches of human expression. The guitar is a recurring figure, subjected to a variety of treatments from heavy, sustained distortion to clean, pealing notes. Elsewhere the sound of sports crowds and choral singing merge, and patient beds of drones and noise melt into the sounds of industry and mechanics. The track titles manifest as a compositional game of deception complete with innuendos, empty phrases and claims – flirtations with perfume names and ironic assertions. [from the publisher's note]

Mastered by Jac Beloeil. Artwork by Kris Lemsalu.

Published by Latency, 2019
Design by Studio Hugo Blanzat
LPs & EPs / Music & Sound

Price: 17€

LUSSI, Martina - Diffusion Is a Force