All in, an anthology of gambling

The book originated from a Mécènes du Sud grant the artist received in 2015 in order to produce an artwork. Instead, Eva Barto gambled the money in the casino, making bets, incomings and outgoings, part of the process. The result is a multifaceted speculation on financing and risk, as well an experiment in book publishing.

Buttonwood Press is a publishing project initiated in 2016 by Eva Barto: an ongoing collection on 10 books, each of which based on the interpretation of an economic issue related to the production (and the producer) of the book itself.

All in, an anthology of gambling is the first book in the series. French and English texts.

Published by Buttonwood Press, 2016
Design by Spassky Fischer
Artists' Books

Price: 38.38€

BARTO, Eva - All in, an anthology of gambling