A Digital Seance

Artist Taf Hassam gathers in this book the result of an experiment he made with a psychic reader, called Lady Equitone, who uses album covers in her readings. He asked her to “read” two Top Tens from Billboard magazines—and presents in the book her conclusions. The book also comprises an essay by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard that attemps at describing the experience of “Tripping with an iPod for the time being.”

This publication is part of the collections of artists’ books issued by the DAI – Dutch Art Institute and designed in collaboration with the Werkplaats Typografie. The 2010 series was supervised and edited by Delphine Bedel. 

Published by Werkplaats Typografie / DAI Dutch Art Institute, 2010
Design by Gregory Dapra
Graphic Design / Artists' Books / Music & Sound

Price: 10€

HASSAM, Taf - A Digital Seance