A Clearing Ahead

A materialized documentation of a live consultation between an unknown entity and visitors of the Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair, during which the library of WT was used as a source of foreseeing wisdom. The entity, embodied in a chrome orb, characterised itself by communicating in reflections. A textual contribution by Mijia Wang is silkscreened in white on top of the chat’s overview. The featured typeface ‘Cereal’ is available here.

A Clearing Ahead is a temporary browser-based project by Emma Hazen, Johanna Himmelsbach, Kai Udema, Mijia Wang, Qihang Li, Raoul Audouin, So-Yeon Kim and Theetat Thunkijjanukij, see: aclearingahead.werkplaatstypografie.org

[publisher's note]

! 841 x 1189 mm poster !
It could require some extra shipping costs.

Published by Werkplaats Typografie, 2021
Design by Kai Udema
Graphic Design / Typography

Price: 27€

UDEMA, Kai - A Clearing Ahead