ÉTIENNE, Samuel; GUERRA, Paula; LOPEZ, Laura (eds.)

This third issue of the research journal ZINES, the second of two special issues devoted to the study of feminist and queer fanzines from a global perspective, brings together international studies or testimonies on the question of gender, queer identities and their alternative realities as they appear in amateur media such as zines. Contributions in this volume feature themes such as the body, heteronormativity, while showing us the flip side of the conceptualization of queer, namely a practical and empirical part—of sensations and senses—which refines perception of a concept that has become widely common in medias. [publisher’s note]

English edition.


Paula Guerra and Laura López, We @re the P!nk RevolutiXn: The Breakthrough of Queer and Feminist Fanzines, as Places of Resistance Max Barnewitz, Creating a Embodied Queer Pedagogy. El Affleck and Lilith Cooper, Burn After Reading: Intimate Practices of Queer Zine Manking. Bruna Emanuele, Bárbara Lissa and Rita Lages Rodrigues, The Uses of Erotic as Power: a Graphic Analysis of the ChanacomChana Newsletter and for the Representations of the Female Erotic. Bianca Martin, Queer Feminist Collaborative Zines: Community Building in Contemporary Australian Zine Culture. Paula Guerra, Leitmotiv: Forgotten Women in Portuguese Contemporary History (II). Ondina Pires, Holocaustic-Zine nº 2. Sarah Hanks, Monarchy and Brocialism: How Zines Discuss Intragroup Sexism in Radical Left Social Movements. Joana Matias, "It's Portuguese, it means sweet melon, and no, it doesn't make sense": Making and Studying Zines between Leeds and Lisbon. Work In Progress : Sarah Merton Review : Punk, Fanzines and DIY Cultures in a Global World Fast, Furious and Xerox by Laura López.


Published by Strandflat, 2021
Periodicals / Queer Culture / Book Culture

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ÉTIENNE, Samuel; GUERRA, Paula; LOPEZ, Laura (eds.) - ZINES #3