FERNÁNDEZ PAN, Sonia; JIMÉNEZ, Carolina (eds.)
You Got to Get In to Get Out

This book was writeen, translated and designed in fits and starts between May 2020 and March 2021, during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, with the dance floors quarantined for months and still waiting to open in some future unknown date. It gathers essays, poems, interviews, artworks, that approach techno from different perspectives – and is the companion publication to an ongoing research that includes an exhibition at La Casa Encendida in autumn 2021, and radio podcasts (https://www.lacasaencendida.es/radio/you-got-get-get-out-podcast-radio-11535)

The title of the project, You Got to Get In to Get Out revives the slogan printed on the banner of the Tresor club float at the 1991 Love Parade; its subtitle, El continuo sonoro que nunca se acaba [The Never-ending Sound Continuum] is a modified version of a phrase coined by Miguel Ángel del Ser, aka Psicolabio, during his monthly show on the Madrid radio station Svala Radio. These 2 sentences borrowed from the history of dance culture point at the project’s key ideas: the situated, hyperlinking listening experience as capable of contaminating every sphere of life, beyond the club or the ambiguous temporality of nightlife and its presumptions; and the gestural dimension of techno dance, thanks to the iterative loan of constantly changing, expanding movements among the numerous anonymous bodies on the dance floor. Both produce forms of (re)cognition and trigger relational and emotional possibilities that transcend language, as well as an individual and collective somatic experience that summons the sensuality of a sound continuum with a history: a genealogy riddled with conflicts, absences and appropriations that starts in Detroit and continues in Berlin but also constitutes a global phenomenon in the present.

With contributions by Tony Cokes, Carolina Jiménez, Matthew Collin, Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, Magui Dávila, DeForrest Brown, Jr., Mateusz Szymanówka, Gavilán Rayna Russom, Sergi Botella, Cio D’Or, Tara Rodgers, Enrique Mena, Miguel Ángel del Ser, Sonia Fernández Pan and Kentaro Terajima.

Published by Casa Encendida, 2021
Design by Tapa blanda
Anthologies / Music & Sound / Counterculture

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FERNÁNDEZ PAN, Sonia; JIMÉNEZ, Carolina (eds.) - You Got to Get In to Get Out