PULSINELLI, Elizabeth; COLES, Poppy (eds.)
X-TRA Vol. 22 No. 3

Table of Contents
Laura Brown. The Intuitive Approach and the Objective Attempt
Julie Becker: I must create a Master Piece to pay the Rent, MOMA PS1, New York

Anuradha Vikram. Black Mirrors: Hammons, Wilson, and Julien on Capital in the Art Market
The individual victories of Hammons, Wilson, and Julien in establishing critically influential and financially supportive careers in the arts cannot on their own validate a system of valuation and exchange that is historically anchored in conquest and subjugation.

Artist’s Project
Paul Maheke. À tes eaux, de nouveau
Influenced by feminist scholar Astrida Neimanis’s writing on water’s potential to connect human and nonhuman relations, Maheke’s photographs act as a visual foundation for the texts and characters embedded in this project.

Travis Diehl. Reagerotics
J. Hoberman, Make My Day: Movie Culture in the Age of Reagan, The New Press, 2019

Kaucyila Brooke. Nude Nuder Nudist
Eleanor Antin: Time’s Arrow, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Renaissance Nude, The Getty Center, Los Angeles

Published by X-Tra Magazine, 2020

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