A product of the contemporary environment, which, more than ever, is bleakly electronic and at the mercy of rabid socio-economics, as symbolised in the sleeve’s illustration of a financial trader’s open palm, contrasting with the front cover’s zoomed in image of blood-spattered textures.

In six parts he just about keeps his head above the waves and acres of negative space, firstly buoyed by choral voices in “Danger Came Smiling,” then against the discordant fulgurite of “hell/home,” which both make the sublime timbral relief of “a” that much more effective, in the same way that the hyperreal, acrid sensation of “For All I Care,” the crystalline dimensions of “2drown” and the spiralling, elusive complexity of “b” reflect and express the modern world with an intangible accuracy perhaps best compared to Arca. [excerpted from Boomkat Product Review]

Published by Collapsing Market, 2018
Design by Ethan Assouline
LPs & EPs / Music & Sound

Price: 14€