HUILLET, Danièle; STRAUB, Jean-Marie

Finally available, the critical edition of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet’s writings, from Jean Marie Straub’s film reviews in the 1950’s to the “Three messages to the 63rd Venice International Film Festival” in 2006, through interviews, letters, manifestoes, and theoretical and political texts—not to mention many working documents: the Work Journal for Moses and Aaron, facsimiles of annotated scripts, location notes, excerpts from press kits. Introduced by Sally Shafto, the volume also includes a Portfolio with photographs and commentary by long-time Straub/Huillet’s collaborator, cinematographer Renato Berta, and a detailed filmography originally compiled in 2009 by Benoît Turquety, in an extended and updated version.

Published by Sequence Press, 2016
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HUILLET, Danièle; STRAUB, Jean-Marie - Writings