VO, Danh
Wad al-hayara

"This exhibition catalogue includes essays by Magalí Arriola, Francesco Pellizi, Tom McDonough, between others, to analyze Danh Vo´s practice. The works included in the exhibition refer to precise chapters in history like the Christian evangelization in South-East Asia, the spread of the Vietnam War and the artist?s family?s exile. But they also embody phenomena like cultural cross-contamination and the difficulties of reconciling two different contexts; the (more or less) failed attempts at resisting dominant ideologies, and the severe consequences of expansionism and industrialization. By tackling issues such as migration and displacements, the consequent multiplication of presents and the ensuing need for negotiation with the past come about, echoing the dismembering and disarticulation of bodies, and death as a means of expression that might end up signifying all of our actions."

Published by Fundacion Jumex, 2017
Design by Maricris Herrera
Monographs / Exhibition Catalogues

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