RADIGUE, Éliane; BONASTRE, Laia (ed.)
Une idée du temps

Une idée du temps pays homage to Éliane Radigue and her unrivalled contribution to the electronic music genre over the past century. At 92 years old, she paved the way for independent producers. Armed only with a bold vision and her synthesiser – an ARP 2500 now housed in INA-GRM – which she affectionately refers to as her “partner,” Éliane Radigue created a distinctive sound that draws on her unique sense of acoustics, time and duration.

This is the first book dedicated to Éliane Radigue’s photographic archives and tells her captivating story through a series of portraits from over the years alongside images of her beloved instrument with an introduction by Joseph Ghosn.

Le premier livre dédié aux archives photographiques de la compositrice Éliane Radigue – documentant son travail de pionnière de la musique électronique et son approche de son « partenaire », un ARP 2500. Un texte de Joseph Ghosn accompagne la sélection de photographies.

Bilingual FR / EN.

Published by Laia Selects, 2024
Design by Rocío Ortiz
Music & Sound / Monographs / Photography

Price: 35€

RADIGUE, Éliane; BONASTRE, Laia (ed.) - Une idée du temps