Trèfle brésilien et monnaie chinoise


Louise Sartor’s paintings rest upon pieces of cardboard, scraps of paper, fragile and unpretentious surfaces; the quality of those supports contrasts with the meticulous touch of her tiny paint brushes and the detail-driven atmosphere of those tiny works. She draws close to both human and still lives with the same empathy and tenderness, humor but never bitterness, sometimes a kind of winky melancholy. The Chinese money plant pictured in this painting is a promise of prosperity.

Louise Sartor lives and works in the South of France. She is represented by galerie Crèvecœur in Paris, and had her work exhibited at Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles; Tonus, Paris; Woodmill, London; HHDM, Vienna, among others.

Trèfle brésilien et monnaie chinoise
, 2018
Gouache on cardboard
15 × 21 cm

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LOUISE SARTOR - Trèfle brésilien et monnaie chinoise