RUF, Beatrix (cur.)
Town-Gown Conflict

The exhibition “Town-Gown Conflict” at Kunsthalle Zürich brought together Lucy McKenzie, Verena Dengler, Lucile Desamory, Caitlin Keogh, Beca Lipscombe, pelican avenue, and Elizabeth Radcliffe to explore textiles by both artists and designers whose works of art and of so-called applied art raise issues relating to social formatting. This publication attempts to transform the exhibition into book form, through different texts: an essay by Lucy McKenzie notably discusses the distribution of the artworks throughout the building to create a pattern of juxtapositions; while texts—by Constance Barrère Dangleterre, Catriona Duffy, Kris Krimpe, Lucy McEachan, Anne Pontegnie, Isabella Anna-Maria Ritter, Philipp Traun, and Peter York—deal with each of the participating artists. 

Published by JRP|Ringier, 2013
Design by Nicolas Eigenheer & Vera Kaspar
Group Shows / Fashion

Price: 30€