BOCK, Katinka
Tomorrow’s Sculpture

Tomorrow’s Sculpture results from three consecutive exhibitions Katinka Bock worked on over the course of 2018: Sonar at Kunst Museum Winterthur, Smog at Mudam Luxembourg, and Radio at IAC, Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes. Circa fifty works have circulated between the three institutions. In dialogue with the spaces Bock displayed them in different configurations and added site specific interventions. The photographs of Johannes Schwartz—exclusively commissioned for this book—offer a rich and multi-angled view on Bock’s sculptures and installations of the past 15 years. [publisher's note]

With texts by Simone Menegoi, Christina Végh, François Piron, and Christophe Gallois.

Published by ROMA Publications, 2019
Design by Roger Willems, Dongyoung Lee

Price: 43€

BOCK, Katinka - Tomorrow’s Sculpture