MATER, Katja
Time is an Arrow, Error

“Two clock-faces are staring at each other.
They are two sides of one thing, as different as they are the same.
They move as two bodies revolving around each other, into a tender embrace.
A kiss, made of time, in time.
Mirrored shape shifters, their hour-numbers climbing on each other’s shoulders.
Running up against the limits of their own usefulness, clocklikeness.”
—Katja Mater

Time is an Arrow, Error gathers 79 clockwise images (paintings) Katja Mater made between March and May 2020, plus reproductions of notebooks pages documenting their elaboration; the works are accompanied by a text by Amelia Groom.

Self-Published, 2020
Design by Elisabeth Klement
Artists' Books / Painting

Price: 26€

MATER, Katja - Time is an Arrow, Error