PILEKJÆR, Philip (ed.)
The PROVENCE Proust Questionnaire + STUDIO VISIT

The original Proust Questionnaire was a set of questions answered by Proust in 1885 as part of a popular parlour game. In this PROVENCE version the 25 questions are designed to reveal truths about the 50+ interviewees who took part. What, for instance, is Veit Laurent Kurz’s favourite coffee shop? What does Kerren Cytter fear most? Which artists all have the same favourite brand of underwear? Who admires who? Each interviewee is also asked to provide a photograph of their current studio which is included as a complimentary booklet, STUDIO VISIT.

The PROVENCE Proust Questionnaire is also accompanied by a photographic report by photographer Einar Mølmann Fuglem, who visited the International Library of Fashion Research. Founded in 2020 by Elise By Olsen, the library exists with the ambition of becoming the world’s most comprehensive repository of specialised fashion research and contemporary fashion publications. There are also two posters, one by Specchi Magici—an artist-run platform based in Berlin and Milan–and the second featuring a new artwork by Raphaela Vogel. [publishers’ note]

Published by Provence, 2023
Design by Pascal Storz

Price: 25€

PILEKJÆR, Philip (ed.) - The PROVENCE Proust Questionnaire + STUDIO VISIT