The One & Patricide, by Jos Bitelli
6 September 2018 06:00PM

Just before the opening of his project 2.4 parents for la plage, we are happy to share with you an evening with artist Jos Bitelli and his new publications. //Jos est à Paris pour 2.4 parents à la plage, (rdv samedi !). Nous sommes heureux de l'inviter pour un détour à la librairie pour le lancement de deux éditions.
The One
A songbook about transference within the clinical setting. It is in sheet music form and is screen printed onto antibacterial hospital curtain fabric. It was funded by Jerwood JVA and supported by Rupert.
The End of a 60-Year-Old Mistake. Patricide - Issue 1
Patricide is a zine largely about legacy, the title for this first issue comes from Jeremy Hunt's divisive remark and continued dismantling of National Health Service in the UK. Patricide issue 1 is a patchwork of commissioned and existing texts and images. Major contributions include Loraine Leeson's images and an interview about her project within the 1978 Bethnal Green Hospital occupation; Nat Raha, Transfeminine Brokeness; Lisa Selby, For all addicts and people with mental/physical health issues, being fucked over; Raju Rage, TechnoGender and other contributions from Angry Workers of the World; Docs Not Cops; Martha Rosler; Elisabeth Subrin; Elsa Richardson; Rahul Rao....
This first issue is co-edited by Nicola Guy, designed by Maeve Redmond, commissioned by Nottingham Contemporary as part of their core program and supported by Arts Council.

 - The One & Patricide, by Jos Bitelli