YORK, Charlotte
The Knife

A book somewhere between Daniel Spoerri’s Anecdoted Topography of Chance and a stream of consciousness/confession version of a “What’s in my bag” skit. The Knife is the name Charlotte York gave to their wallet and subsequently, The Knife is the title of the book where they decided to print out some of the TRUE stories attached to the items stored in the said wallet.* Believe it or not, lots of stories deal with FAKE money, and printed paraphernalia of the like of business cards, donor cards, written notes, etc. Consequently it is a very precious book about printed matter, how they embody meanings and feelings, and how they are part of social life.

The story about the MEET ME OUTSIDE note is our favorite. 

*[Since 2009, Charlotte York would take her wallet out in a restaurant, a bar, on a picnic blanket or even an art centre to give a guided tour of its content. Perhaps you were there, sober or drunk, and perhaps you interrupted her to show your own wallet. Perhaps your name is Elias and you gave her a coin which you described as the funniest in the world on a beautiful spring evening in Stockholm.—publisher’s note]

Published by Dent-De-Leone, 2020
Design by Åbäke
Literature / Graphic Design / Material Culture / Book Culture

Price: 22€

YORK, Charlotte - The Knife