The Erratics

In geology an erratic is a rock that differs in type from those around it, having been carried over large distances by long-vanished glaciers. Harvey-Regan’s eponymous series questions the medium of photography and its ability to extract from contexts and alter perception. Originating in the artist’s desire to liberate himself from the weight of representational imagery - a yearning for abstraction - alongside a converse desire to engage with appearances as only photography can, The Erratics began as a series of large format photographs in the Egyptian desert, capturing chalk monoliths in the most objective manner possible. These images were followed by months of meticulously carving and photographing chalk rocks in the studio, forcing a geometry and line to shape the objects towards the photographic surfaces they eventually become. The Erratics combines these sets of images within a new text work by Harvey-Regan that explores how the processes and concerns within the work might be further expressed and shaped through the act of writing.[publisher's note]

Published by RVB Books, 2017
Design by Zoé Aubry & Vincent Sauvaire

Price: 35€

HARVEY-REGAN, Darren  - The Erratics