STRICKLER, Yancey (ed.)
The Dark Forest Anthology of the Internet

A 208-page book that documents five tumultuous years when we learned how to live, create, and conspire on an increasingly adversarial internet. The original “Dark Forest Theory of the Internet” essay was published by Yancey Strickler in a private newsletter sent to 500 readers. The post struck a chord and became widely shared, with hundreds of thousands of readers in the following weeks. The concept of the Dark Forest captured a feeling and sense of danger online that an increasing number of people shared.

In the years following, some of the most influential voices on the web and in culture built on, argued with, and expanded the original Dark Forest concept. The Dark Forest Anthology of the Internet brings those disparate pieces together into a canon of thought that defines a specific era of the internet.

With contributions from: Yancey Strickler (Kickstarter/Metalabel); Venkatesh Rao (Ribbonfarm); Maggie Appleton; Peter Limberg and Rebecca Fox (The Stoa); Joshua Citarella (Do Not Research); Arthur Röing Baer and GVN908 (Moving Castles); Leith Benkhedda (DNR, Trust, and New Models); and Caroline Busta and Lil Internet (New Models).


Design by Leïth Benkhedda
Anthologies / Media Studies / Digital

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STRICKLER, Yancey (ed.) - The Dark Forest Anthology of the Internet