The Cute and the Useful

This book marks the end of a four-year research we began as part of an artist residency at Nirox Foundation, South Africa. During our stay in the country, we literally stumbled into the idea of conservation by utilization, a principle that ensures the survival of animal species through the commodification of their individuals. In South Africa, lions, elephants, rhinos, impalas, wildebeests, to name a few, are assets, owned and managed by private or public parties. This system, usually referred to as wildlife industry, made South Africa the only nation in the continent where wild animals thrive, despite threats like climate change and poaching.

Feat. T. J. Demos, Ashley Dawson, Fred Pearce, Alberta Romano, Jason W. Moore.

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Published by Nero, 2023
Artists' Books / Ecology

Price: 18€

THE COOL COUPLE - The Cute and the Useful