LA ROCCO, Claudia
The Best Most Useless Dress

The Best Most Useless Dress reveals the breadth and depth of La Rocco’s art, encompassing a decade’s worth of poetry, essays, performance texts and reviews. These writings explore how movement and rhythm — in time, through space, across bodies, on the page — engender experience itself. Jay Sanders, curator of performing arts at the Whitney, writes: “Claudia La Rocco’s impactful writing sketches its performing subjects in real time, depicting not only the character of work, but the conditions in which it collectively forms and exists. Here the spaces of New York performance and the spaces of critical writing reveal themselves anew.” The book includes an introduction by poet Elizabeth Robinson.  [publisher's note]

Published by Badlands Unlimited, 2014
Literature / Essays / Poetry

Price: 18€

LA ROCCO, Claudia - The Best Most Useless Dress