DUNST, Heinrich
The Artist & The Publishers

The Artist & The Publishers is based on a long ongoing conversation between the artist and saxpublishers, reflecting on artistic processes, exhibition making, documentation and fragmentation.

Referring to the exhibition Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox: 1989 – 2017 (8 November 2017 – 28 January 2018) at Kunsthalle Wien, the title of the publication quotes a chapter of the show entitled “The Artist & The Publishers.”

The Artist & The Publishers combines installation views of Dunst’s previous artistic production as inlays and spreads. Over the past years, Dunst has taken photographs—in his private home, studio as well as exhibition spaces—and printed them as a physical archive, showing sequences, formations and configurations of his artistic process. By layering the two positions, works and intentions of institutional context and industrial production appear and re-appear under subjective connotations—differing in size, context, and quality—towards a question of form and representation.[publisher's note]


Published by saxpublishers, 2019
Monographs / Artists' Books

Price: 28€

DUNST, Heinrich - The Artist & The Publishers