The Arab Apocalypse

“This book, a masterwork of the dislocations and radiant outcries of the Arab world, reaffirms Etel Adnan, who authored the great poem, Jebu, as among the foremost poets of the French Language. The Arab Apocalypse is an immersion into a rapture of chaos clawing towards destiny, and nullified hope refusing its zero. Is is also the journey of soul through the cartography of a global immediacy rarely registered by maps, replete with signposts like hieroglyphs in a storm of shrapnel and broken glass. And above all it is a book that, though capable of being read in its orderly sequence, has so surrendered to 'being there,' it can rivet the sensibility to the Middle Eastern condition at any point in the text--so rapid are its mutations, so becoming its becomingness--like a wisdom book or a book of Changes.”
—Jack Hirschman.

Translated from the French by the author; reprinted with a new foreword by Jalal Toufic.

Published by The Post-Apollo Press, 2007
Artists' Books / Facsimile & Reprints / Poetry

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ADNAN, Etel - The Arab Apocalypse