TRASOV, Vincent
The Alphabet Book

In 1971, Michael Morris and Vincent Tarsov, founders of the Vancouver based artist network, Image Bank, invited Eric Metcalfe, Gary Lee Nova, Glenn Lewis and Paul Oberst to create their own, unique alphabet. Now, 40 years later, with the permission of the participating artists and the help of Image Bank, these historic silk-screened alphabets have finally been published together ! The Alphabet Book is designed by Marc Hollenstein, who was inspired to re-initiate the alphabet publication project after having a conversation with Glenn Lewis during the opening of Lewis’ retrospective exhibition at Kunstverein back in 2014.
This edition is accompanied by a collage of excerpts from emails Kunstverein received from the various members of the collective, over the past few months. [publisher's note.]

Published by Kunstverein Amsterdam, 2018
Design by Marc Hollenstein
Artists' Books / Scenes

Price: 20€

TRASOV, Vincent  - The Alphabet Book