Sticky Selfies

This artists’ book gathers an extensive selection of Abraham Cruzvillegas’ AMAZING drawings of apes, which he has been producing since the early beginning of his career in 1985. Cruzvillegas draws, paints, and makes silkscreen prints with portraits of monkeys of all sizes and on different mediums, combining his passion for caricature, calligraphy, and his long-standing interest in primates. The book is a monkey parade in leporello form – its pages assembled (by hand?) with stickers bearing reproductions of beer caps (??) – this is a bit crazy? No, I mean, it’s good.

Published by Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, 2023
Design by Studio Manuel Raeder
Artists' Books / Comics & Illustrations

Price: 24€

CRUZVILLEGAS, Abraham - Sticky Selfies