FÖLL, Heike-Karin

SPEED is a “constellation” of pages taken from Heike-Karin Föll’s books, or rather, scrapbooks: cut pages from books or magazines sit next to personal notes, bits of texts, paintings on paper, and many more printer matter… introduced by a stimulating, idiosyncratic, table of contents. According to the publisher, this “collection of works on paper” is a “resource library for Foll’s painted works,” though “each page also stands on its own: the ‘writing’ and ‘rewriting’ of these pages is a rejection by the artist to rest on what has already been accomplished, and insists on constantly renewing modes of expression amidst the routine and expected. SPEED takes the form of visual index, a micro structure of narrative, through the space of the page.”

Published by Montez Press, 2019
Artists' Books

Price: 54€

FÖLL, Heike-Karin - SPEED