This first collection, Sleeper, features 9 new writing commissions and 2 re-printed texts all responding to the idea of mechanics, cars and journeys.  We approached this collection with the idea of a space or place, something more than just a page – and all of the potentials that these things could offer. Through our conversations we stumbled upon the fact that we both have ongoing associations to mechanics and it is often something we use as a metaphor when thinking. Mechanics became the subject; the garage, the vehicles and the journeys. It’s about maintenance and repair was the refrain featured throughout a text we drafted together in order to drum out the themes and reveal the liminal spaces where the words or language could exist.
The subject area is a place where writing is uncommon: an unlikely coupling of form and substance perhaps, just as the collection’s title suggests. Sleeper is the name given to a car with an ordinary and unassuming exterior, but with a high performance engine. Something extraordinary concealed within something we see daily as very ordinary. [publisher's note]

Featuring Francis McKee, Rebecca Tamás, Hussein Mitha, Juliet Jacques, Àkpà Árinzèchukwu, Adrien Howard, CAConrad, Renee Gladman, Lisette May Monroe, K Patrick, Hanif Abdurraqib.

Published by Rosie’s Disobedient Press, 2022
Anthologies / Artists' Writings

Price: 19€