RIANTO, Januar; MIKHAIL, Almer; NOORMAN, Shaquille (eds.)
Serving Suggestion #02 / 2023

On the cover of Serving Suggestion #02 / 2023, an amazing prawn print by Loule Lee created through the Japanese fish printing technique of gyotaku; an artwork accompanied by a postcard and a  text, “Writing with My Dinner: Prawn Edition,” that explains how to use prawn tails as a brush. The perfect starting point for the second issue of Serving Suggestion, the “magazine reading into culture through food” and discussing “our connection with what we consume through multifarious perspectives.”

Still beautifully printed on Risograph, and published in Bandung, Indonesia, by Further Reading Press, this issue comprises a lenghty interview with Bandung restaurateur Teddy Lazuardi, an essay by Chiquita Kusumahadi on the intersection of colonial history and the culture of feasting in the Dutch East Indies, “A Case Study of Sundanese Cuisine” by Faza Chu, a personal essay on manakish in Australia… Serving Suggestion also proposes breakfast ideas,  recipes for food—and cocktails!—and “Aftertastes”—short texts in which writers recount “flavour memories,” completed by “foodnotes” explaining some terms specific to Southeat Asia cuisine.

“We celebrate the idiosyncrasies in how we take certain dishes or drinks, whether we like our noodles firm or soft, our eggs fried or boiled, or our avocados in a dessert or a sandwich.”


Published by Further Reading Press, 2023
Design by Chiquita Kusumahadi, Januar Rianto, Nisrina Aulia
Periodicals / Food Culture / Scenes

Price: 22€

RIANTO, Januar; MIKHAIL, Almer; NOORMAN, Shaquille (eds.) - Serving Suggestion #02 / 2023