Second Person

“I have wanted, I think, sincerely but in futility, to make this book a sort of guide, a replicable guide for other people to direct their thoughts and feelings that are or feel worthless into a manifestable material substance, because I strongly wish for others to be able to direct their thoughts and feelings in a way that makes life worth living without facile stumbling blocks or with a feeling of non-manifestation of terror at death without production of substance, with the understanding that production of substance also involves an emotional exactitude that even the most production does not do, but I am realizing that by my own standards such a book doesn’t speak to the total ductility of ideas that makes me feel so truly happy and comfortable and capable in relation to the world, and so to enforce such a concept on the book would be sort of sick.”

—Gaby Losoncy

Gabi Losoncy is a young woman from Philadelphia, who makes various decisions with outer consequences based on how she feels, and to the end of expressing how she feels. Generally working in unlayered, linear audio since her time as a member of Good Area, she expands her practice on a case-by-case basis, making great effort not to do anything unnecessary. She has released and has relationships with Alien Passengers, c a d u c., Impulsive Habitat, Recital, and Kye.

Published by Amphetamine Sulphate, 2017
Artists' Writings / Essays / Music & Sound

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LOSONCY, Gabi - Second Person