SPOONER, Cally; HUNT, Andrew (ed.)

Edited by Andrew Hunt and Cally Spooner with an introduction by Will Holder, Scripts comprises twelve works produced by Cally Spooner between 2009 and 2015, including: A Six Stage Manifesto On Action (2011), Collapsing In Parts (2012), and And You Were Wonderful, On Stage (film script) (2014-15).

As an artist who writes neither from a confessional standpoint, nor from the position of fragmented ‘art writing’, Spooner’s prose makes the verbal visual, and focuses on a visceral use of text as an invitation to act. Her narratives operate energetically in collective schisms through being performed, and often collapse to attack the spectator, observer or reader. Importantly, the artist appropriates historical voices as a mode of activity, and uses theory to ignite imaginative scenarios. [publisher’s note]


Published by Slimvolume, 2015
Design by Fraser Muggeridge Studio
Performance / Artists' Writings

Price: 20€

SPOONER, Cally; HUNT, Andrew (ed.) - Scripts